Rocky Roads

I love the imaginations and intuitions of children. Innocent musings are often so simple, beautiful and true. And even if they intend nothing as complicated as we may read it, there can be charming lessons in their simplicity.

My daughter’s first written book is titled “Rocky Roads.” It is two sentences but is pretty complicated in my opinion: “There was a duck and there was a road. (Duck says) “Hey, look there is a road in the middle of the road. The End”

The title along with the story makes me interpret it like this:

Duck lives by a beautiful, blue pond next to a grassy knoll. Just beyond this blue pond was a winding road that did not have traffic most days. Duck had just come of age to be able to wander off from the pond on his own. As he wandered one sunny afternoon, he noticed the existence of the road. Duck ventured close to the vacant road and tripped, bumping his beak. He cried for help. While mama duck was tending to her other ducklings, Duck was left to treat his ache on his own. He was scared but began to feel confident as he found a nice cold rock to hold to his beak to sooth the discomfort from his fall. Duck soon recovered and went on his way knowing that he would be just fine. Duck had never been on an adventure on his own before and while he needed his mom for a brief moment, he realized he was capable of handling bumps along the way and this gave him more courage and confidence than he realized he possessed.

Duck decided to walk a bit further but always kept the pond in sight, he wasn’t quite ready to go too far down the road on his own. Suddenly, he tripped over another rock…he was still a little clumsy. But this rock was green with unique markings. Oh! It started to move, it had legs and feet! Duck had never seen such a rock before. The rock opened its mouth and said “Hello.” Duck said, “Hello, I didn’t know rocks could talk!” Turtle laughed and said, “I’m not a rock, I’m a turtle! I was just taking a rest from walking by this winding road. It’s nice to meet you.” Duck was excited to meet a new friend and realized he had seen this turtle before from across the pond. Duck told Turtle where he lived and they were excited by their new friendship and to know that they have lived near each other all along.

Duck and Turtle decided to head back to the safety and comfort of the pond while quietly enjoying their serendipitous meeting along the road.

When we head off on adventures, we may find a road within a road, taking us on journeys that we never intended. The roads may be rocky, we may fall all alone, but often times there are sweet surprises at the end.

I love serendipity.



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