Blogging Baby Steps

I began blogging in January 2012 because I had always enjoyed writing and decided to show one of my latest to my family. They always encouraged my writing in the past and nudged me to “do something” with it. Blogging was completely foreign to me but I began posting on WordPress after research on best blogs. I liked the idea of anonymously posting to the abyss of the internet where my writings could sit quietly and possibly even be read. I maintained it for a couple of months before taking a break of over a year as I got busy with my young son and my daughter and frankly, was just not feeling creative and felt too busy and tired to write. Blogging was still foreign to me because I did not take the time to dive into it, read other blogs or fully understand how it all worked.

This past March the juices began flowing again and I have really enjoyed taking that plunge into the blogging community. It really is a community. While we are all virtually anonymous, there is a connection that builds as you get to know other bloggers through their writings. However, there is so much more to blogging than just anonymously putting your writing out there. I realized I wanted more than for my pieces to sit quietly, I wanted them to be read and related to. Yet, I am still not great at promoting them; there is something about anonymous people thinking my posts sucks versus my Facebook “friends” thinking so. But, I shall get there I am sure.

Next I noticed that there are awards (say wha? talk about bringing out my need to please!), guest posts, re-blogs, etc. (I had no idea!) I am just now beginning to understand what makes a successful blog and how to get traffic. While I will always stay true to myself, I do want feedback and always enjoy the challenge of self-improvement.

I write a small article for a local parenting newspaper and have high hopes of publishing a children’s book that my husband and I are working on, me writing and he illustrating. I usually have a goal when I take on anything that takes up a significant amount of time but I am enjoying blogging for its own end because it brings a sense of relief like when you take a nice big deep breath.

So, I ask you to offer up suggestions, thoughts on your blogging experience, what you like best, your favorite topics, etc. Thank you for your thoughts and your postings.

Happy Blogging!

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