One event

One event, many hearts broken
Difficult, painful time, only loving words spoken
Always wanting anything but was true
Not knowing the right words to say or what to do
“Through the woods” but only one could blaze the trail
Misunderstandings and supports beginning to fail
Losing the connection yet holding on tight
Feeling as though nothing is right
Beginning to accept that things constantly change
Never knowing the possibility of the range
Far away but always within reach
Life offering challenges only for wisdom to teach
Nothing is gone but will always transform
Missing what was familiar and warm
Understanding the roots that hold the foundation
Will never let go, are resilient to adaptation
One event can change what was known
Pain, heartbreak yet new life and hearts sown
So much anticipation for the future that will be
Seeing hope, happiness and a soul being set free
More important than anything is to be true to your heart
Fighting against it will only pull you apart
Love is mysterious and obstacles never end
Nothing will change my love for my family, my friend

4 thoughts on “One event

  1. Thank you Valerie. This is recent…been almost a year now. Family events that seem to “happen” to just one person can have a very big ripple effect that hit you when you least expect it.

  2. This is beautiful, painful, true, therapeutic, and more…it is life and love and family. And it is so real…

    Incredible writing. Brought me to tears…

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