Wonderful Team Membership Award

Wonderful Team Membership Award “Back to life, back to reality”….that old 90’s song has been on repeat in my head since we returned home from our Montana trip last night…I won’t go off on a digression on how wonderful our vacation turned out but will save that for another time. While I am not happy being back to laundry and groceries, I am happy to finally be able to acknowledge this Wonderful Team Membership Award given to me by mummy flying solo about a week ago. I feel so connected to my fellow bloggers and glad that she considers me a team member! I encourage you to follow her blog, if you don’t already; she is funny, honest and has great advice and tips on serious issues. So, again, thank you!

Apparently, this award has no strings attached; I do not have to dig up 7 random facts about myself which gets pretty difficult after a while! But, I will nominate some other bloggers that are wonderful team players too:


Motherhood Is An Art

Did That Just Happen Blog

Mama Miller Parenting


Mathair Fiona

Thanks for being a great team! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Wonderful Team Membership Award

  1. Congratulations on the award, well deserved!! And, thanks for the nomination, that’s so sweet, I feel honored! And, I can’t wait to hear all about your vacation too! (and if you are like me, you’ll be wishing for a few days at home with nothing to do in order to recover from your vacation!!)

  2. Haha…that song describes how I felt when I woke up from the most wonderful nap today! Thanks for the nomination. Being seen as a wonderful team member is something I really appreciate. Thanks lady!

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