The Iron Man Award


Thank you so much Atlantamomofthree for giving me the Iron Man Award and your kind words…one of the nicest compliments ever!

“You are beyond intelligent. I appreciate your wit and love that your posts are thought-provoking. You may also be hot, because, I mean, hey – Tony Stark is pretty dang hot. But that’s not necessarily part of the award.”

Oh-and I’m totally hot. Ha! I can say that because I’m anonymous in cyberspace, right?

Atlantamomofthree is an inspiring blogger for so many reasons. She offers support to fellow bloggers in so many ways and information that is useful to everybody. I kind of consider her the WordPress mama. 🙂 Definitely check out her blog if you haven’t already!

I’d like to nominate Survivingthemadhouse for this award. She is a strong woman dealing with big struggles but does so with grace and a positive attitude. She is inspiring, real and an Iron Woman. Check out her blog as soon as you can!

Thank you again, Valerie, for this award. xoxo

5 thoughts on “The Iron Man Award

  1. Ha! I love your response to the hot part. 😉
    You’re welcome. Keep up the great work!
    Can’t wait to check out Holly’s blog!!

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