The long haul

I’m no poet, like the fabulously talented Scottishmomus, but every so often my thoughts can only be expressed this way.

To my loving and committed husband, through thick and thin

Ten years plus with the most interesting man I’ve met

Rough roads and smooth sails making us strong

Days I wonder how we do it, how we maintain the hold

Nothing changes the love that is set,

At times, complicated love that needs not be so

Expectations, misunderstandings and blindly going along

Neither knows exactly the way or what it is they seek

One never wonders while the other questions the way to go,

Wills may battle and neither will give in

Things get rocky and one wonders if it will level

The other gets frustrated at the inability to be content

Both knowing, it does not matter whether there is a win,

Marriage can be confusing and painful and hard

It keeps you humble in its inability to know

Chasing beauty that always is there

I love no matter what and that love I always will guard.

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