Onward and Upward

In the last year, many things have evolved and changed, as they often do in a year. One year ago, I stopped nursing my son and felt a surge of independence having my body back. My daughter went to pre-kindergarten and my son still napped two times per day. I got back to exercising and seizing small pieces of my individual life.

Throughout the year, my son grew and napped less. I adjusted my life to his naps and watched my daughter blossom into a self-assured kid. Preschool was nerve-wracking because when she was three and my son was a newborn, I tried to put her in preschool thinking it would be wonderful for her to have something of her own. It backfired completely and all she needed at that time was to be home with me and new baby and not feel pushed aside. My intentions were the exact opposite. After about three months of iffy drop-offs, I pulled her out of school and seriously began considering homeschooling my children.

Over that next year, both children grew, we all changed and homeschooling became less and less feasible for me and my family. So, when my daughter was four and in pre-kindergarten, I waited each morning with bated breath and deeply sighed when each day went beautifully. My daughter was officially ready.

Over the year, my daughter turned five years old and just as my recent difficulty with kindergarten; I struggled with her turning five. It seemed like such a milestone age. My son started walking, running, jumping, climbing and turning into everything “boy” that I had not experienced with my girl. He began expressing himself and his personality which is completely confident and comedic.

I began blogging about mid-way through my year. I slowly eased into it, a post every month or so and then as I began making “friends”, I was inspired and motivated and posted more often. Blogging became a therapeutic addiction that I am really enjoying and should have started much sooner because I am all for free therapy.

My husband and I began our first children’s book, me writing and he illustrating and I am looking ahead to new opportunities and fulfilling my dreams. We travelled this year and opened our eyes to what we want for ourselves and our children and are honing down, in general, what we want for our family.

This morning, my kids woke earlier than normal and while part of me thought, “ugh, I can’t have my coffee alone?!?” the other part was filled with love as they both snuggled in bed with me. One said, “Happy Birthday mom!!!!” and the other said, “Happy to you…mama.” There are few better ways to start a birthday. I see birthdays more like a new year than the actual New Year. I have grown in many ways over the last year and have big plans for the coming years.

In my 35th year, I plan to travel to new, beautiful parts of the country, strive to write a more wide range of topics, take on a new writing project (just not sure what it will be), be more patient in general, accept things as they are and love them for their intrinsic value, and be happy with everything that I am.

So, I am at the starting line and making great progress. Today, my daughter went to school and my mom watched my son so that I could have a “mommy morning out.” This is not something I ever do other than quick trips away. I started my day with a coffee paid for by a friend’s gift card that I drank during a pedicure paid for by my mom. Next, I wandered aimlessly trying to shop because I am clearly very rusty at this activity. I finally got my groove, bought a new dress that I have no idea when I will wear, got all the kid gunk cleaned out of my rings and ended with a 10 minute back and shoulder massage. I would say I am starting this new year off on the right foot.

Here’s to new beginnings! Everybody grab a drink and join me for a virtual clink!

26 thoughts on “Onward and Upward

  1. Do you know how lovely this is? It is so difficult to ‘reclaim’ some sense of self without feeling guilt at wanting it. You’ve made decisions here that were all in the best interests of your children and they have paid off. And having a loving extended family to shower personal gifts that take on a more significant meaning now that opportunities are fewer. It’s wonderful that you had time to yourself to be you and that you and your beloved are so in tune with new directions. New Year, new birthday, new choices. Milestones achieved.x

      • And they only get better. I’m getting my hair done tomorrow. Grey bits gone and a lovely new style. So exciting. A bit pathetic but exciting to me! 🙂 x

      • i hear you! I love hair appointments,mainly for the head rubbing during the wash but also the newness. My greys are awful…being a red head they come in with a vengeance! I still have a month to go for mine though. enjoy!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!! What a journey you’ve been on and what great goals you’ve set for the next part of your journey! I’m glad you’ve been blogging because I’ve really enjoying reading about your life!
    On another note, way to go on reclaiming a little bit of yourself back! I’ve spent the last couple of years really coming into my own, and finding out who I am beside’s Mr. T’s mom!

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  4. Happy birthday to you! And what a lovely post that was to read. Most things work out in the end if we give them what they need…which is usually just time. Nice to see things are working out for you 🙂

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