Free Forms of Therapy

In the technological, fast paced, over-scheduled climate that we live in, I find myself and others talking about anxiety, stress and looking for ways to slow down. Or maybe it is just the people I talk to (mothers) and blogs I read (written by mothers.) Either way, everyone is looking for pieces of Zen in their daily lives. While therapy may be a great way to unload our stressors onto a willing listener, most of us do not have the time or money to see a therapist regularly. And honestly, I’m not convinced dumping my thoughts on a regular basis is necessarily my way to peace and harmony, though there are times in life where that is exactly what I need. More importantly, finding ways to “let go” and free myself from those disquieting thoughts is how I find solace.

So, here is my “work in progress”, dynamic list of favorite forms of free therapy:

  1. Drinking coffee in the early morning hours when the house is still sleeping
  2. Exercise in some form…right now it is weekly yoga. I plan to tack on some running in there soon
  3. Blogging (obviously) J
  4. Walking and chatting with a friend who asks “how are you?”, means it and is willing to listen to the answer
  5. Eating a Mr. Goodbar in the middle of the day when the toddler is sleeping
  6. Reading a good book…currently “A River Runs through It” which is incredibly relaxing in its telling and life lessons
  7. Walking outside just before bed, gazing at the stars and taking a nice, big, deep breath letting all the stressors of the day go with it

These are the few ways that I find some space each day. How do you find yours?

Thanks for the fun challenge of the “More” button!

43 thoughts on “Free Forms of Therapy

  1. What a great list! It’s so important to find those little (and sometimes big) ways to help us keep our balance and find our center. We can get lost in being a mom/wife/sister/aunt/daughter that we don’t take time to care for ourselves or even remember who we are! Great idea to keep those items in mind that help us take care of us!

  2. Great suggestions! The only thing I really do for myself is to fall headlong into a good book. Right now I’m halfway through the second in the Outlander series written by Diana Gabaldon. Terrific, terrific book. Blogging is a new treat for me and I’m hooked. I definitely need to incorporate more exercise, and most definitely, more chocolate.

  3. Those are all great. I also get my coffee early before everyone is up, try to do a little exercise, and over the summer stopped watching all my gossip TV and reading my gossip news.

    • Yes…those are things that we trick ourselves into thinking relax us. I did the same with tv, I don’t watch it at all lately and I don’t surf Facebook or Internet so much either. Tough habits to break but really frees up our mind for better usage 🙂

  4. Just reading your list relaxes me! It made me realize that everything I do to relax myself is actually stressful (crafts without method), compulsive (blogging), misleading (my glass of wine- it first relaxes me but then I start babbling away)…I might steal your 4. and 7. (since 2. I think will always be out of reach for me) and see if it helps :). Thanks!

  5. I love your list! One thing I do every once in awhile, is light as many candles as I can find and take a warm bath after my little one has gone to bed. It also gives my husband some time to distress by playing some video games (yeah, he is a giant kid, hehe!)

  6. I do daily yoga and I cannot tell people enough about how much the practice changes your life in all of ways that matter! That is all of the therapy that I will ever need. 🙂

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    • Yes, I love the movie. I recently traveled to Montana and stayed on the Blackfoot river where the movie was filmed and heard from a local that the book was wonderful…and it was. Beautifully written. What island? My mother in law is from Thailand

      • Your husband is half Thai then…. super interesting!
        I am always trying to find out more about Thai culture but in many cases I have more luck when I talk to someone who is fluent in English.
        OK but I haven’t answered your question yet.
        My husband works as the GM at a five-star-hotel on Koh Samui. We actually live in the hotel.
        I wrote GM on purpose to see if Google helps you out again… Just joking!
        GM = general manager 😛

  8. Oh, such a relaxing list! I really want to start doing a “moving stretch” routine in the evening (kinda like yoga, but without the still poses).
    I have a book of 1001 ways to relax and many of them are GREAT suggestions. I was thinking of sharing one a week on my blog (maybe in my sidebar…) because we can all use more ideas of how to enjoy life and relax, right?

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