Daily Prompt: On the wings of a breath

An article in the future about a woman (me!), winning an award. Thanks to the The Daily Post for the inspiration! It’s been fun dreaming of a utopia.

The Nobel Peace Prize was recently awarded, by The Daily Post, to an average, “everyday” woman for the coordination and implementation of a collective deep breath among all nations. Through years of learning the benefits of breathing through her own experiences beginning with the birth of her first child, she saw great value in breathing for therapeutic healing of mental and physical sufferings. Early on in motherhood, she found stress and tension immediately quelled after such breathing and encouraged her family to do so. Though simple, the intake of air and slow exhalation does much good for mind, soul and body.

Ancient yogis and meditation gurus have been clouting the benefits of meditative breathing for centuries but no one had yet organized an event of such great proportions. Via social media, public speakings and gatherings of friends and family, the single greatest moment of our time occurred on October 15, 2018.

Each person in each nation, who were able, stopped for a moment that was previously decided upon together to occur at exactly the same moment for all people. Some were waking, others were heading to bed for the night and others were in the throes of their daily routines but all took a moment to inhale deeply and exhale slowly.

No one could have expected the outcome of such an event. For a moment, time slowed, babies stopped crying, couples stopped arguing, resentments dissipated, anger floated away, grief was comforted and people felt connected. The collective conscious took everyone by surprise in their ability to understand one another, to connect and empathize with each other. The universal knowing within took each person by surprise and countries conflicting called for cease fire, global bullies looked for peaceful solutions, homes were opened to those without and food offered to those with empty bellies. It was a day of freedom for all.

Beyond the people, butterflies were found to have drifted on the breath of the masses. On this same breath, bees drifted and pollinated new habitats. Tides shifted and lands dry without ability to produce necessary harvest were rained upon giving rich soil moisture once again. The winds shifted and cold airs blew into arctic regions freezing long melting ice bergs giving homes back to native animals. These are facts that are known from this point as scientists continue to research the effects of a collective breath.

When asked how she felt receiving such an award, she said “I am honored, humbled and moved beyond words to receive such an award. However, this award is not for me. This award belongs to everyone for they, we, are the ones who used what we have always had available to us at any moment. I thank the masses for listening, being open, wanting change, trusting and connecting. Beyond the relevancy of coordination, the rest was always out of my hands yet I knew from within that nothing bad could come of this.”

Each day, people are returning to normal lives forgetting what they had done to change the world for a short period of time. Coordination efforts are in effect among various forming groups to repeat the event from October. People cannot diminish the power within each of us that requires no expert knowledge, no advanced training and no special talent. Each individual has the ability to make their impact on the world and all it takes is a breath.

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: On the wings of a breath

  1. Thanks for reminding me to connect with the breath 😉 It’s surprisingly easy to forget to breath and hold the breath for a long time.

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