Takin’ it to a new level

The nerves have been building but confidence is drowning out those nerves as I take my blogging venture to a new level. It has been wonderful getting to know the blogging world and while I have made some really cool friends this way, they are still somewhat anonymous and that is one reason I really enjoyed pouring my heart into my posts.

However, recently the idea of making a Facebook blog page kept resurfacing on my radar and after The Daily Post posted this, I decided to take the plunge. This particular quote from Mommy Man in their post was the hook for me:

“Not promoting your blog is like renting a theater to stage your one-man show and then refusing to put up flyers because you don’t want anyone to show up.”

So, here I am spreading my flyers to the world, those who know me and those who do not. I am putting myself “out there” and taking it to a new level.

Have a look and like boton me!

17 thoughts on “Takin’ it to a new level

  1. I have not taken the plunge as yet. But I’m thinking about it. Kinda scary. I feel all safe and secure on here. But, when my brother set me up with my blog he did say, ‘You’ll be wanting to get on Twitter and Facebook, or you’ll be talking to yourself’. Which wasn’t strictly true as there are so many on WordPress but I know what he meant. I don’t do Facebook although I do have an account but it is to keep connected with a few distant friends. I would basically be starting from scratch. And I don’t really get Twitter!
    I hope it all goes well. How about doing a wee series of posts on the whole getting started on Facebook. I would be interested as I’m sure many other fraidy cats would be! x

    • Good idea on the posts. I do feel a bit exposed but am working on getting over that. I don’t get twitter either. Your poetry is beautiful…you should share it with more of the world via Facebook!

  2. Definitely one of the scariest things I had to do several months ago. Scarier still is when you start promoting your fan-page on your regular facebook profile, so there is no doubt who the Winding Road (or in my case, My Year of Sweat) really is. It takes a ton of strength to allow yourself to be vulnerable. You go, girl!

  3. I already have my blog, twitter (mainly to keep up with what my son is doing) and my own personal FB – I just can’t see creating another FB page for my blog… so… you must update us and let us know how you feel and if you feel like it is helping to promote you and such! 🙂

  4. I feel the same way as Kate above me. I have no idea what I would write on my blog FB page. I have a hard enough time coming up with daily posts for my blog. Ha Ha! I’m excited to follow you though. 🙂

    • I agree. I’m worried that it will wear off and dust will collect on it because I am in the same boat but at least you post regularly and reliably! 🙂 so, my success with this will be interesting.

  5. Hello,
    I am a new follower. My name is Eszter.
    I really liked your comment on runningafterale so I tracked you down. HAHA
    I want to congratulate you for taking the big step but please do not be mad at me if I might not follow you on Facebook for a while. I have two accounts now. One for my blog but I still do not know how to act in the name of Kukolina. I only did my Facebook page because of my Hungarian followers.
    Anyways, I would like to read more of your posts so I need to use my time wisely while my baby sleeps…
    xoxo, Eszter

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