Daily Prompt: And in the dark I have no name

For today’s Daily Prompt from The Daily Post . Written about the third line of Mumford & Sons-Hopeless Wanderer

Identity gives purpose

Meaning in all we do

Layered with facades

And little room to view

One Being in us all

Connecting to eachother

Often forgotten in the days

Of being wife and mother

Then at night we slow down

And often times reflect

Upon our day and what we’ve done

And things we must deflect

The sky is still as we gaze up high

To look beyond our self

Take a breath, open up

And clear off the mental shelf

That in the day we clutter full

Of to dos we need to tame

The day defines us to a fault

And in the dark I have no name

17 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: And in the dark I have no name

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