Daily Prompt: Anticipation

Today’s Daily Prompt: A Bend in Time:

“When you’re giddy with excitement, does time speed up? Slow down? Tell us about the experience of anticipation.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WAITING.”

I wake in the morning tired from a late night of reading a book that I just could not put down. As tired as I feel, the excitement for what is to come starts building as soon as I step out of bed. I try to push it aside knowing that I have a full day of things to be grateful for and to enjoy. A day that will never come again and though I anticipate what is to come later, I try to stay in the moment.

Thankfully, time moves quickly in the morning getting children ready for the day by eating breakfast, getting dressed and brushing teeth. We hustle out the door and the day begins. It is filled with grocery shopping, “mommy and me” classes with my toddler, cleaning, toddler nap time, writing, and administrative work. Then I pick up my daughter from school and we spend the afternoon doing homework, after school activities, and preparing dinner.

Throughout the day I think about all of the people I will spend time with later and anticipation grows. They are all such true characters and I can’t wait to hear all of the interesting things they have been doing. I enjoy their company so much and while I love my children and all of the memories we make each day, some exciting, some mundane, I just cannot stop thinking about the fun I will have later and time moves slowly amid the hustle of the day. The more I think about what is to come later, the slower it goes. So, I try to stay focused in the present moment knowing that good things are happening and even more will come. But alas, I do continue to daydream and plan what I will wear later, what time it will begin and the wonderful place it will be.

The hours tick by and we accomplish everything in our day. We eat dinner, I give the kids a bath, we play quietly, read stories, and eventually everyone is in bed resting peacefully. My excitement builds as I lay out my clothing and hop in the shower. As I begin to dress, I take a deep breath, happy to be finally at the moment I have been waiting for.

I pull on my pajamas that promise to be the perfect ensemble for the event. I go to the wonderful place I have been daydreaming about, climb into my big soft bed, take a nice deep breath and enter my world with characters I have been thinking about all day. They entertain me, make me laugh, cry, think deeply and lull me into relaxation. I love my children, my husband, my life, but I also adore a good book, one that envelops me and takes me somewhere completely different, maybe to a different time, different place or different mindset.

Sometimes it is the small things in life that give me the greatest excitement and anticipation. And while the daily hustle is awesome in its own right, the calm, peace and comfort of reading a page-turner in my bed is something  I always look forward to and one that never disappoints.

Image courtesy of http://www.chaptersandpages.com/2012/11/read-before-going-to-bed/

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Anticipation

  1. I’ve been there! I’m reading the third and final story in The Outlander and I’m a mess trying to figure out if I’m in a hurry to find out what’s happening next, or reading as slowly as I can to savor it. I’m the same way with the Robin Carr Virgin River series. I swear to Pete I think about that town and the characters throughout the course of the regular day. What storytelling magic.

  2. I hear what you are saying – a book that you cannot put down is a brilliant prose indeed and you describe your preparations to enter the land of fiction perfectly. Perfect review that made me smile and look forward to my current book 😉

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