October Featured Bloggers

Happy October!

As promised, the blog buttons are up on my side bar for those who participated in my little giveaway. Go check out some great blogs——–>

I’ll do it again for November, so if you would like your blog featured, remember that you must follow my blog, like me on Facebook and this time ask me a meaningful question and I will write a post just for you! The first 5 bloggers to do these things will be featured in November.

Feel free to post my blog button on your page too!

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10 thoughts on “October Featured Bloggers

  1. Thanks, Kerry! Hey, I came over here via my favorites and I noticed your web address is different – I like it! Was that hard to do? To get dot.com through WP isn’t that much, right? I am thinking of doing that.

    • I decided to fork out the cash for the bundle so I could do videos and stuff too. It wasn’t hard, just a simple URL change and the old one is redirected to the new one. I’ll have to decide when it expires next year if was worth the money.

      • That’s cool! I got customizations on my birthday, in June, from my sister. 🙂 But is the url change still only $18?

  2. I’d love to be featured next month! I just liked your facebook page and I’m already following. As for a meaningful question, I’d love to know what your top 5 favorite books are. I’m always on the lookout for a good read 🙂

    • Great! And that is a great question but a hard one to answer, I will think long and hard on it. What kind of books do you like? Maybe that could give me some direction. You’re are November’s feature #1 🙂 Have a great day!

      • Yay! I know, it’s a hard question for me as well. Maybe I should narrow it down by genre for you lol I’ve recently been on a kick trying to find books that inspire me to be a better mother. But I also love a good fiction book too! 🙂

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