A Day in the Life-Monday

Strangely I don’t get the Monday blues anymore. I love our weekends doing fun activities as a family but I’m always pretty happy starting a new week in our routines. Also, selfishly, I get to do more writing during the week when my husband is working, daughter is in school and son naps. He only naps for an  hour so it is an hour furiously typing on most days.

Today, however, is a teacher planning day and my daughter doesn’t have school so it is not a usual Monday. I have no idea how it will unfold but likely some park time, errands and playing at home.

Normally, my Monday looks like this:

6am-The Bell Tower sounds on my iPhone alarm and makes me feel like I am Cinderella…”Oh that clock. Killjoy.” I love the sound of my alarm so much so that I hit snooze one or two times so I can hear it again. 😉

6:15am-Groggily, I roll out of bed motivated by a cup of coffee and some quiet before the rush of the day begins.

6:30am-Settle into a chair sipping coffee and reading emails and blogs.

7:00am-Kids wake up. Get everyone dressed, teeth brushed & fed breakfast. Counting to three to my daughter a few times.

8:00am-Head out the door to drop my daughter, Big R at school

9:00am-Mommy & Me Play & Learn class at Gymboree with my lil guy, Little R

10:00am-A quick stop in to Target because it is right across the street. Go in for one item but leave with 30

11:00am-Home for lunch and playtime with cars, outside in the sand or in the “jumpy thing” ,as we call it.

12:00pm-Read stories to Little R before his nap

12:15pm-I sit down either at my dining table or outside in screen room to do work of some sort. Whether writing an article for the local parenting publication, administrative work for the local mobile cooking class business I do at home part-time work, or writing for blogging pleasure or my new short story…there is always something filling up the 1-1 ½ hour nap my son takes.

1:45pm-Little R wakes up & plays for a few minutes

2:00pm-Rush out to wait in the car rider line to pick up Big R from school.

2:30pm-Home from school, do the minimal amount of kindergarten homework then play outside the rest of the afternoon if the weather is nice; if not then we play inside or watch a movie.

4:30pm-start picking up and prepping dinner

5:30pm-Eat dinner…or rather the adults eat dinner and tell the children to sit in chairs, stop talking about poop and put something in the mouths

6:30pm-Get kiddos ready for bed, i.e. chase little children around the house counting to three until they comply.

7:15pm-Little R is sound asleep

8:00pm-Big R is sound asleep unless she plays with stuffies for an hour before I finally threaten to take them away if she doesn’t go to sleep

8:15pm-Hot shower and clunk on the couch with glass of red wine and iPad OR glass of red wine, husband and one of the 2 shows we DVR.

9:30pm-Take dogs outside, stare at the stars and settle my mind before heading inside to read my book in bed

10:30pm-Lights out and on a good night, drift quickly off to sleep

There is Monday for ya, the rest of the week looks pretty similar with a few variances. I’ll try to make them seem very exciting to minimize the de ja vu effect. 🙂

If you’d like to join in this week, please do! Check out everyone else’s days here.

And grab my button (that makes me sound easy,  doesn’t it? 😀

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22 thoughts on “A Day in the Life-Monday

  1. Love it!
    And wow, isn’t that just the way dinner goes when children are little?! haha
    I’ll be sharing “a day in the life” kind of post on my new teaching blog one day this week, focusing on the kids’ school day. 🙂 Will use your blog button and link back to ya!

      • Well, how we school now probably wouldn’t work that well with a younger child. When M & J were just “starting”, we played lots of games, did physical things to learn, and I guided most/all of it. Now, they do much of their schooling independently. 😉

  2. Isn’t that the truth with Target, I can’t ever seem to go in and get exactly what I went in for haha. I live about 2 minutes from one so I really have to try and control myself.
    p.s. I posted and linked back to you 🙂 I’m just going to do one big post instead of one for every day though 🙂

    • that works, one for each day may turn out not to be the best idea.
      For some reason, I think I accidentally un-followed you, no idea how that happened. So if you get notified that I am now following, that is why.

  3. Wow you are bu-sy! and in bed by 10:30pm! I’m just warming up around that time! LOL. Just posted my entry. a loong one. Took me several days to finish it because of you know what. Sorry I haven’t been visiting your blog lately. I will make it up I promise! 🙂

  4. I am having the most ridiculous feeling every time I see the graphic for this link up on someone’s blog. It’s like all the cool kids are doing something and I was purposely left out. LMAO. Way to be the Queen Bee 😉 That was a fun read.

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