A Day in the Life-Tuesday

Since Big R did not have school yesterday, we had an extremely slow morning and it was so nice! It made me wonder how we get ourselves together by 8:08 am each weekday morning. But, somehow we do…most of the time.

Yesterday though, we did not get up and ready until close to 10am then Big R went to my mom’s house to have some quality Nana/Big R time where she basically got to do anything she wanted and was taken out to lunch. I ran a couple of errands with Little R and played/did chores at home. Big R is in gymnastics that has been on Wednesday afternoons but was traded to Monday. I’m really not at all impressed with this class but she loves it and has so much fun and we already backed off of ballet because she never wanted to go. This year, I would be okay with zero extracurricular activities or at least not this particular gymnastics class. We may start Girl Scouts on Thursdays and I am gently trying to nudge kids yoga class on to her, but we shall see. Anyway, I felt like a bad mother because since Little R has a cold, I said it might be a good idea to skip class for him and since she had a school day off, let’s just take a day off from all activities! Yippee! Isn’t the mom supposed to encourage sticking to obligations? Oops.

Back to the grind today…

6:00am-I wake up feeling like Cinderella again and roll out of bed to have coffee and some peace before making breakfast for my two stepsisters two lovely children.

7:00am-My sweet children wake…Little R singing “maawwmmmy, gggeeeetttt doooowwwnnnn” as he stands in his crib. Everyone gets ready for the day

8:24am-I drop my daughter off at school before the late bell. No matter how early I get up, it seems we are always running a few minutes behind. If I am in the car at 8:08am, then we’re good. That is always the goal…8:08am.

10:00am-I am usually at Kindermusik class with my lil guy where I dance and sing and he hides his face in my shoulder for 45 minutes. Today, however, he will be hiding his face in his Nana’s shoulders unless his cold has gotten worse, so that I can go to yoga. I try to do yoga once or twice a week where it will fit in.

11:00am-Home for lunch and playtime

12:00pm-Try to read stories to my lil guy while he says “dit down, pay caws” (Translation: “get down, play cars”). He eventually relents because he loves storytime too.

12:15pm-Stare at the computer screen wondering if I should do the work I get paid for or write for fun. “Write for fun” usually wins but then the guilt makes me do the paid for work. Sorry Jacki, if you’re reading this! You know I love you and Pensacola Cooks!

1:45pm-Little R wakes up & plays for a few minutes with his new favorite toys, Sesame Street figurines purchased by Nana last weekend at Sesame Street Live.

2:00pm-Leave the house to hunker down in car rider line to pick up Big R from school. Little R watches a DVD and eats a snack. I play on the iPad.

5:30pm-Eat dinner…or rather the adults eat dinner and coax each child to eat “one more bite” of something other than bread, use napkins instead of sleeves, and for the love, please stop talking about poop and toots!

6:30pm-Get the kiddos in jammies, wash hands & faces, brush teeth and count down the minutes until I can chill.

7:15pm-Little R is sound asleep & I read stories to Big R practicing sight words along the way.

7:45pm-Big R does “hairstyles” for me and then we snuggle before I get up and she drifts off to sleep. This is also the time she usually decides to talk about something that happened at school. Sometimes I nix it if it seems to be a stalling tactic, other times, I listen closely because she is opening up and I never want to stifle that.

8:15pm-Hot shower, jammies, wine, couch, blogs

9:30pm-Take dogs outside, stare at the clouded sky since there were no stars last night (bummer), read in bed

10:30pm-lights out and deep breathing to shut out any more thoughts. Thought time is over. Or so I thought, I had a bit of trouble last night. Random unimportant thoughts swirled around as I almost drifted. Probably took an hour to give in, so not too bad.

You all may be really bored by the time we get to Friday! While it may not seem like that busy of a day, it is the in-between stuff that seems to take up so much time.

Thanks again to all who are participating. Because mummy flying solo has already written and pre-scheduled her posts this week while she is out of town, I suppose it is my duty to keep up…a good challenge in trying to make the mundane entertaining.

Jump in anytime, just grab the button! (changing the word “my” to “the” makes me seem less like a hussy, right?) 😀

Winding Road
Happy Tuesday!

15 thoughts on “A Day in the Life-Tuesday

  1. Maggie chose gymnastics over ballet when she was younger too. 😉
    Your 8:15pm sounds so relaxing!!
    Thanks for hosting this, Kerry. 🙂
    I hope it’s ok that I am only doing one post for it – doing all the photos took a lot of time! lol

  2. “…and for the love, please stop talking about poop and toots!” – Hooray! It’s not just us! Mine will politely excuse themselves from table, go six feet down the hall and let ‘er rip, laughing the whole way back to the table. And at the table. And after dinner. “Did you hear my TOOT?” is a common question. My husband said once, “I didn’t think we’d have to deal with this with girls.” Oh yeah. Bigtime.

  3. That sounds like a great routine! It’s quite similar to ours, and me and the kids love having one. I think it’s brilliant that you took a bit of time out from activities though due to illness. Everyone needs a break and a rest sometimes! x

  4. lol grab “the” button. hehe Glad my prescheduled posts kept you at it! Love what your little one says to get out of the cot. Monkey says “No more bed”. They are just the cutest at that age, aren’t they.

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