A Day in the Life-Wednesday

I like Wednesdays because we don’t have any scheduled activities. The beginning of the week always seems busy getting the week started and the end of the week is busy with activities and getting groceries for the following week. But Wednesday, awww Wednesday, is a mid-week break, kind of.

We start our day the same as every other than I go to an awesome yoga class that is called “Dynamic Beginners”. And I am all about it today because yesterday I realized as I was pulling into the parking lot for yoga that I was 20 minutes late, I had the class starting 30 minutes later in my head. I became a bit unhinged after that, it was one of “those” days. So I am thrilled for today’s class. The instructor is awesome and challenges new poses or teaches a new term. It really is not a beginner class in the traditional sense but I guess with any yoga class, you can make it as simple or challenging as suits you. Wednesday’s class is one I try to make regularly since the morning is free from toddler activities and my mom is usually free to watch my lil guy.

crow pose

Photo courtesy of http://www.yogaoutlet.com

Last week I did my first crow pose and I was pretty excited about it. I was really in the moment; all my usual worries suddenly seemed trivial and completely manageable. I was deep in thought and almost letting go of all thoughts, just being present, when all of a sudden the one guy in class let out a really loud fart while in a squat. Everyone in the class must have been much more mature than me because nobody flinched or maybe they were trying as hard as I was not to flinch. Not only did I not want to embarrass him, I didn’t want to embarrass myself. If I had let out even a snicker, it would have turned into an all-out roar of a laugh with snorts and all. It took all I could to stifle my laugh. I kept thinking just “breathe in, breathe out…he just farted! Ha!!…No Kerry! Breathe in, breathe out”. Needless to say, last week’s class was pretty awesome and I hope this week’s class is too, even without flatulence.

After class, I head home to play with my little guy usually feeling completely rejuvenated. We play and eat lunch before his nap. Then like clockwork, I sit down to write. I always feel most inspired writing after a yoga class. My head is clear; sometimes my best thoughts come to me while in Savasana at the end of class. There is actually a yoga and writing class at one of my favorite studios but I haven’t been able to work that one into my schedule. Great idea though!

The day goes on with Little R waking up, pick up daughter from school and hang out at home doing homework, house work and playing.  My kids are starting to play more together as the age gap is lessening and it fills me up watching them. Later in the day, I get dinner prepped and we move along as always, eating, getting ready for bed and tucking my sweet babes in snug and sound.

Then I take my post on the couch to relax with my husband. He often works while I read but just being in the same room together is always nice. Sometimes we will sit outside to catch up or others we will watch a show with popcorn. We used to eat popcorn about four times per week; we are obviously big fans of it! We make it on the stove and it is delicious. But since my husband got promoted, we don’t watch much television which means less popcorn and less butter which has to be beneficial.

And here is a list of all the in-between stuff that did not get any commentary:

  • Returning emails
  • Responding to texts
  • Returning phone calls
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Making food, cleaning mess, making food, cleaning mess…and on and on about 10 times per day it seems
  • Changing diapers
  • Walking to the bedroom for something then forgetting what it was then walking to the kitchen to do something else where I then remember what I was going to do in the bedroom, walk back to bedroom and think of something I need to put away in one of the kids rooms, go do that then remember that I was doing something in the bedroom but forget again. And on and on it goes
  • Planning upcoming events
  • At-home work that I fit in various points during the day
  • Errands

So there is my typical Wednesday. As always, there are no official rules for this link up. Just grab the button and show us a day in your life!

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Winding Road

19 thoughts on “A Day in the Life-Wednesday

  1. Seriously, super proud of you for not bursting into hysterical laughter, falling out of the pose and rolling on the mat. I’m pretty sure that’s what I would have done – even if I had been the one that was gassy in class!

    Love the walk to the bedroom, forget what for – that back and forth takes up a good portion of my day!

  2. You are way more mature than I am, that’s for sure. I would have been snorting and hyperventilating. Hence why I find yoga so challenging. I am always observing others and never float away to really experience the moment. 🙂

    Well done on crow!!! That is a super tough pose!

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