A Day in the Life-Thursday

Each morning I feel relieved when I have gotten some rest.

Last spring’s insomnia traumatized me so I never know

If I will sleep or lie awake ruining the mornings I love best.

A start with some coffee, email and blogs

Enjoying peace until it is “go time”

When my lil guy and my girl wake and I let out the dogs.

Breakfast is made, we are ready to go

Yet no matter how much I urge Big R to get dressed

She always moves SO SLOW!

Still, we are off to another great day.

I drop Big R at school and then head to Kidnasium

The “jumpy place” where I take Lil R to play

Home for lunch and then Little R’s nap

When I work, write, and read for an hour or more

While making my way for the Halloween candy bowl to tap.

Snuggle my babe when he awakes before picking my girl up from school.

Back home to finish school work, play and clean up

Arguing ensues until I announce the Golden Rule.

Then dinner, wash dishes, take baths and to bed

Another lovely day in the life

Stitching my fabric of happiness thread by thread.

Winding Road

Thank you all for reading and participating in this blog series. It has been a lot of fun reading everyone’s posts. If you would like to post a day in your life, please do! This was just going to run this week but if you ever come across it all late, still post, A Day in the Life is interesting to read anytime 🙂

Happy Thursday to you all!

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