A Day in the Life-Friday

Happy Friday and thank you so very much for reading my “A Day in the Life” posts which quite possibly have gotten boring by the end of the week as you can likely predict how my days go. I hope you have read everyone else’s days too! I have thoroughly enjoyed them…thank you to all who participated!

While we all posted our typical days, no day is ever truly typical. For example, yesterday, I never made it to Kidnasium, aka Jumpy Place, because Little R has a really goopy cold and I took him to the pediatrician to make sure he didn’t have an ear or sinus infection which he does not, thankfully. Also, instead of playtime before his nap, I met with Big R’s kindergarten teacher for a routine parent-teacher conference about how she is doing since the first section ended. She is doing very well, by the way. 🙂

As for today, I will share how my typical Friday goes but there are some deviations today as I will attend my daughter’s first field trip this morning and then later this afternoon/evening my husband and I will attend his work function that is an hour’s drive away.

Typically, as you know, I wake to my alarm although lately I have been waking up around 5:30am on my own instead of 6am to the alarm. I wake feeling completely rested and ready to get up which is very strange indeed but I am enjoying not feeling like Cinderella the past couple of mornings.

The morning routine of getting the kids and me ready ensues and we are off to school. Then Little R and I find something to do whether the park, errands or back home to play. Then, I start preparing my grocery list because I get groceries on either Friday or Saturday for the following week. But I can’t make my list until The Fresh 20 emails my new meal plan. I was a walking advertisement for this meal planning site at first but after a couple of weeks of meals that were only “meh”, I am more cautious now and tailor them to our own tastes. However, I made several really good meals, so I stay subscribed.

After getting our grocery list and upcoming plans organized, Little R and I eat lunch and he naps then I work/write/raid the candy bowl until he wakes up. We pick up Big R from school then back home to play or she will have a play date. Daddy gets home around 3:30pm lately as he works so much in the evenings and we all play outside enjoying the nice fall weather. I go inside to make dinner and get the house in order before the dishes/bath/bedtime evening rush.

When we finish dinner and the kitchen is clean, we have some family time which usually


the witch is the latest craft

involves Daddy and the little ones coloring or doing crafts at the activity table. My husband is so creative and artistic. He shares his love of drawing with our kids and they love it! He always comes up with the coolest crafts to do with them. It is really awesome to see because I am not crafty even in the slightest. Often, my mom is over too and she’ll blow bubbles and play games with the kiddos. Sometimes we go for a walk or the kids play together and  look at books or games on the Kindle and Tim and I can just relax on the couch to watch and chat or look at magazines. No matter what we do during this time, I love being together while music plays in the background and some fall-ish candle burns.

The kids go to bed and adult time begins. Since it is Friday and we usually feel like we “should” do something other than the weekly night rituals, we will sometimes sit outside to have a couple of drinks and catch up on life uninterrupted or we will watch a movie or our DVR-ed shows. We try to get out for a date a couple of times per month to go out to dinner and not hear the word “poop” while we eat.

Before bed, we talk about what will happen the next day so that we can plan the weekend with something fun with the kids while still accomplishing whatever chores we need to do. Then, I do my ritual of letting the dogs out, star-gazing and reading my book before sleep.

And that is a wrap up to my typical Monday-Friday week. If you are reading these now and are afraid you’re too late to link in, you’re not! I would love to read about your typical day anytime! And if you’d like to link it to this series, grab the button and I will put your post under my “A Day in the Life” page.

Winding Road

Have a great weekend!

10 thoughts on “A Day in the Life-Friday

  1. Sounds like a great day. Lots going on. I admire your husband for being so involved in the children’s creative time, they’re very lucky kids to have a daddy like that. Hope the work function was fun.

  2. So sorry I was only able to link up one day but thank you so much for hosting this. I was hoping to link up 3 days at least unfortunately that plan went down the drain. I haven’t been on the computer that much and I rely on my phone too much these days. I was able to visit a few but not everyone’s post though. 😦 Again, thanks for hosting this!

    • Probably so. While I am happy with Mondays, Fridays are always welcome. I do get worn out making lunches every night, laying out clothes and the rush of each morning getting Big R ready for school. I love the deep breath of Friday and a slow Sat morning!

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