Getting Boo!-ed

This week’s Weekly Challenge is to tell the same story from two or more unique perspectives.

Scene 1:

Just after 8 pm, a mother finally gets her children to sleep. The two-year old has been sound asleep for an hour and her daughter is still tossing and playing with stuffies. The mother has just gotten out of the shower and is ready to sit down to enjoy some television and unwind. Popcorn is popped, red wine is poured, and she plops down. All of a sudden she and her husband jump as they hear three very loud knocks, almost bangs, on the door. The dog starts to bark and they both jump to see who is there. The aggressive sounds of the knocks and the unexpected time for visitors alarms both adults and the mother checks the monitor to make sure the kids are okay. The husband looks out the door and with a puzzled look says, “There is nobody there and the gate is closed. There was a knock, right?” The mother says of course there was a knock. They both scramble around the house making sure doors are locked and check again on the children. The husband grabs a baseball bat and slowly walks to the door to find the seeming aggressor.

Scene 2:

A mother of six works part-time while raising her children ranging in age from 15 to 2. She manages her household, her work and her children in a very lighthearted, easy-going way. How could a woman mother six children any other way? She is kind and social and wants to know her neighbors. Her neighborhood is loosely scattered with children mixed in with retirees, veterans, and grandparents. Halloween in the neighborhood is a bit quiet but in the interest of promoting activity on her street, she always walks her children up and down the neighboring streets to trick or treat each year. This year, she thought it would be fun to “Boo!” her neighbors.  It is a popular activity in heavy kid-laden subdivisions and she thought it would be fun to bring it to her own neighborhood. One night around 8 pm after dinner and homework, she sent her 15 years old son down the street to the two houses she knows have kids. She thinks their kids will love being “Boo”-ed and it will build some neighborly camaraderie. Her son is excited to take part in this fun game. He has always liked the neighbor he is about to “Boo” because she always buys something for his fundraisers.

Scene 1 Continued:

The husband walks out and finds a Halloween bucket filled with candy and a note. He walks in, hands it to his wife who says, “Oh! We’ve been boo-ed!” He is not amused and as his heart rate begins to steady from the rush of urgency to protect his family, he goes on to mutter things like “what were they thinking…”, “don’t they know better…”, “….sleeping children…”, and on and on until he relaxes. Then he sees the fun in it and the wife plans how and who she will “Boo!” the next day.

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12 thoughts on “Getting Boo!-ed

    • It is a cute idea…I think it’d be even better if there was like a neighborhood reveal Boo-ers reveal party on Halloween. otherwise, you just do it and have no idea who did it to you

      • Halloween here is similar but still different. Influenced by the US, we have trick or treat, usually in malls and establishments/offices. Very few decorate their houses. Halloween is All Soul’s Day and All Saint’s Day here (Nov. 1 and 2) national holidays and this is when we honor and remember families who have already passed away. We go to cemeteries and pray and eat together. A little boring compared to your celebrations over there. 🙂

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