Its the End of the World

Today’s Daily Prompt is to share how you would spend your last night before the end of the world including last dinner, conversation and setting….

The world is ending tomorrow and today is Friday which naturally means that tonight is a celebration. We will all be gathering at the beach, my home and favorite place where we will savor the stars and the ocean one last time. Acoustic guitars jam while drums boom in harmony. Tables, blankets and tents line the beach and each tent is filled with food. I choose the tent serving a variety of nachos which I will gladly devour as my last meal. I will then indulge in a dessert of warm peanut butter and chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream melting down the sides, caramel dripping from the top and a cherry to share with my daughter.

Everyone living who has impacted my life will be there. I will spend the evening drinking too much Sangria bantering philosophical ideas with all of my WordPress friends who I will finally get to meet in person; I will laugh and share memories with my family and close friends; I will cry while apologizing and forgiving with those who either I have hurt or who have hurt me through misunderstandings and misguided paths.

I will lie on a blanket on the beach with my children and my husband and while they stare at the sky, I will stare at each of them memorizing each line and curve of their face. I will watch my children’s faces fill with wonder as stars shoot by. I will hold them close so they feel my love and tickle them to hear their laughs. They will not know it is the last day of the world, because I only want them to feel happiness and love. They will gently drift to sleep and I will watch them with my husband. I will thank him for everything he has given me in love and in our two children. My daughter gave me the gift of motherhood and a sense of self that soared. Many times my son has jumped up and grunted as he pretended to grab the moon out of the sky and handed it to me saying, β€œMama, moon”. Little does he know he gave me the moon the minute he entered the world. I savor these memories while lying next to my children.

As I wander through the many groups of friends and family who have touched me throughout my life, I am filled with happiness. I hit the nacho tent one last time, take one last bite of my peanut buttery chocolate dessert and then I rest, in peace.

No end of world scenario is complete without R.E.M…

26 thoughts on “Its the End of the World

    • It is a scary thought and I felt tears in my eyes writing it. Could be because its sad to imagine or also that I only got 4 hours of sleep last night. πŸ™‚ Glad you liked my end o’ world celebration!

  1. This was AWESOME!! Dang, now I wish it WAS the end of the world (and I *always* think of that song when someone talks about the end of the world!) πŸ˜€

  2. I think I might try to make an end of the world piece of art, a sculpture, a message to the future kind of thing, but I like yours, too. So loving and wonderfully inclusive. If only one could have a party like that without death being the motivator. πŸ™‚

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