My Own Little Heaven

Today’s Daily Prompt for The Daily Post is to describe the furthest I have ever traveled from home.

There is one place I visit in my mind when trying to relax, one that is the epitome of beauty and romance, one that is exquisitely lush and home to my “happy place”…Tahiti. I was fortunate enough to travel there eight weeks after getting married. It is the furthest from home I have ever been but is very close to my heart.


our bungalow

We landed in Papeete and immediately felt enchanted by the tropical island. We were so far from home, on our honeymoon, and felt all the possibilities that lie before us. It was a magical time of love and adventure. After one night in a beautiful hotel in Papeete, we flew imageto Raiatea then took a boat to the island of Taha’a where we stayed in a bungalow over a lagoon. We spent our days swimming in the crystal clear water around our bungalow and exploring the underwater wildlife. Flounder loafed along the sea floor, stingrays gracefully glided by and other large and small fish gently swam below us. It was the most serene place that exists, in my opinion, with a beautiful reef surrounding our lagoon.


nature’s most perfect food!

When we weren’t swimming, we were reading, eating, exploring, napping and other such honeymoon activities. Each morning we would eat breakfast where I would devour coconut yogurt, coconut creamed coffee, fresh coconut meat and coconut milk. Did I mention my extreme fondness for coconuts? I feel like Bubba Gump when I think of coconuts and all that I love about them. They are nature’s most perfect food and Tahiti has lots of them. It was my own private little heaven.

There was one place that we visited every single evening at sunset. When exploring what felt like our own private island, we found a fence that skirted up to the lagoon. We stepped just beyond it to reveal a beautiful private beach that was situated perfectly to watch the sun set behind Bora Bora. It was so picturesque that it almost seemed as if it were a stage set. Coconuts washed up on the beach and a palm tree had bent down to provide perfect seating. We were newly married, in love and made a vow to always remember that spot when life in the future became difficult. I still think of that spot often; it represents love. We were very naive just as we should have been. Marriage has not always been easy but I am learning, albeit still slowly, to not complicate issues, to allow simplicity to guide the way. Each person is living their own life and the more convoluted we make daily differences, the harder it is to stay connected to the simple love that brought us together.


Tahitian marriage blessing

While Tahiti may be the furthest place I have ever traveled, it resides close in my heart even though almost 10 years have passed since visiting. At times, I wonder if I actually was there as it has almost become fictional in my thoughts. But then I remember tossing the coconut to my husband, the look in his eyes and the beautiful sky behind him and it is very real once again.

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