Ocean of Knowing

This could very well be an embarrassment but I am learning that facing fears is pretty liberating so here I go taking on this week’s Weekly Challenge by The Daily Post:

“Your mission is to write five haikus β€” one for each of the five days leading up to this Friday when we will choose some entries and feature them on Freshly Pressed.”

I have zero experience with haiku so,Β Brenda, if you’re reading, please be kind. haha!

ocean deep haiku pic


Ocean deep and wide,

Endless knowing swirls below,

Compass inside leads.


34 thoughts on “Ocean of Knowing

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  2. The first time I read the haiku you wrote for this post, I thought “oh, that was nice :)”. I was going to leave a comment saying as much but wandered around the blog a bit first; I am very glad I did. After gaining some perspective about what you write, how you write, and why, the second reading of your haiku was on a completely different level from the first reading. For me, it became an expression of the Ocean as an archetypal image for the unconscious Self instead of simply a viewing of great water, and the experience was beautiful. Thank you very much for posting ❀ ❀ I look forward to hopefully reading other haiku you compose for the Weekly Writing Challenge πŸ™‚

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