Fickle Conditions

Haiku 3 for the Weekly Challenge:

Cold wind assaults trees,

Warm sun waiting to console,

Ever changing tides.

It is really, really cold here in my little neck of the woods.  It was rainy yesterday, very cold today, supposed to be freezing (47 degrees is freezing for us Floridians) then back up to 70 next week. The weather is so fickle.

All that is constant is change and my vacillating weather likes to make sure I understand  while reminding me to focus on the one thing I can control, my breath.

22 thoughts on “Fickle Conditions

    • haha! I remember feeling that way living in Chicago. It took me a while to acclimate but once I did, I remember feeling like 35 felt nice and warm and I’d scoff when my mom would say 50 felt chilly.

      • My mom is here and she just said the exact same thing because she grew up in upstate New York. I always loved the first snow when I lived in Chicago but got tired of it shortly after. Partly because I was a Florida transplant and had no idea how to deal. Ha!

      • I’ve said many times that I believe I was switched at birth with a baby born to Hawaiian (or Floridian, or Californian) parents. Have lived in Toronto my entire life, and I still have zero ability to deal with the cold. My DNA simply rejects cold weather. 🙂
        Very happy to be back in the desert and in 60+ degrees weather for two weeks.

  1. Not to get too profound with this, but when I read this it immediately made me think of my son’s seizures. I’m certain that was not what you had in mind when you wrote it, but that’s where it took me. Again, beautiful writing.

    • I love that! Not that your son has seizures but that it meant something to you. That is what I love about writing is that a piece can touch each person in a totally different way based on their perception. Thank you for your sweet words.xo

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