Wants & Thneeds

Haiku 5 and final one for the Weekly Challenge

Pumpkins yield to lights

Shining bright on wants and thneeds,

Share gifts of presence.

The haiku challenge has been fun and I have enjoyed being less wordy. I am preparing for Christmas now that Thanksgiving has passed. This year I am working on simplifying by not doing things that don’t bring joy…things that I have done every year but now feel like a chore. Also, after clearing out kid’s toys, I really am going to work on restraint and not just buy a bunch of crap they don’t need.

Nor will I be shopping today….nobody needs a thneed!

I want to simply enjoy the season without adding a million to-dos. I choose to focus on presence this holiday season.

13 thoughts on “Wants & Thneeds

  1. Kerry, I love your last line–both the play on words and the truth of it. “Presence” is more desirable and necessary than are “presents.” Good job! Enjoy the Christmas season. I plan to.


  2. First off – Congrats on thinning out the kids toys! I know that was an area you felt some struggle, so I’m super proud of you! ๐Ÿ™‚ Secondly, congrats on making it all week with the haiku!! Way to go! Three: I’m with you on spending time and not filling the holiday with “chores”. I believe that the time we spend with each other and the memories we make will be remembered a lot longer than the presents will be (unless of course, it’s a really awesome present! But I digress!)

    I am going shopping though… just not until everyone that went earlier has gone home to take a nap! The news is reporting that all of the stores are empty down here! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • oh good! that will make for a much better shopping experience for you! I am all about saving money and sales but the madness of it is just too anxiety producing for me. If I was calm and laid back like you, I could probably handle it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Like the day after Christmas shopping is crazy, I used to do it to get decorations for cheap. But, also, my kids are little and it is just too much for all of us.

      • Oh yeah – it’s not for those with little kids! Mr. T will be going with me – and really, I have about a dozen gifts left to get, mainly for Mr. T – and they are all sitting in Amazon, Home Depot and Walmart on-line shopping carts! LOL. I like to pick through the $2 DVD’s at Walmart, and swing by Lowes, they have 30 AA batteries for $5. I get two packs every single year… most years they last, some years, I run out by October… I’m not sure how… Oh yes I do – XBox controllers eat those batteries like they are candy!

      • haha, batteries would be a good thing for me to get too. And I also have a bunch of stuff in Amazon. I did all of my Christmas shopping through Amazon the year my son was a little baby. So much easier to just have it all arrive on the doorstep. But then I feel guilt about the environmental impact of shipping. haha! I can’t win ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  4. This line: “This year I am working on simplifying by not doing things that donโ€™t bring joyโ€ฆthings that I have done every year but now feel like a chore.” really resonates with me. A few years ago I took it to the extreme, and packed my husband and kids up and left home for sunnier destinations to avoid the whole ‘pressure of Christmas’ thing. I went from mini-Martha Stewart the first few years of marriage and while my kids were little, to doing nothing and running to a beach somewhere. Pendulum swinging wildly from extreme to extreme. 2 years ago I decided I don’t need to run from family Christmas at home anymore. All I need to do is be conscious of what activities bring joy and which ones just feel like expectations. Amazing how much stress you alleviate by just focusing on what you love.

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