An Ode to the Gang

Elmo, Big Bird, and Cookie;

Oscar, Ernie, and Bert

Share traits within ourselves you just might notice

Click for photo courtesy

Click for photo courtesy

During a Sesame Street concert.

Zoe, Grover, Snuffleupagus

And even Telly too

Remind us that each character lurks beneath

Or maybe it’s just my brew.

I’ve many times been like Oscar,

Feeling like a grouch.

Others like Cookie wanting to devour goodies

While sitting on the couch.

I’ve been scared and nervous like Zoe,

Often worried much like Telly,

But also happy and giggly like Elmo

Laughing til I hurt my belly.

I’ve obsessed like Bert and relaxed like Ernie

And been kooky just like Grover.

Like Big Bird, I love to learn, try new things,

And ponder thoughts over and over.

Elusive like Snuffy,

We all have moments when people may not believe

In all that we are, all that we feel

And all that we can achieve.

So when you’re looking to define yourself

And you can’t make heads or tails,

Just look down the road at the Sesame Street gang,

Then on to blaze your own trails.

9 thoughts on “An Ode to the Gang

    • ha! Mine seem to be a combo of all of them like me. My son is coming out of his Oscar “negative” phase although one of his favorite phrases is still “I don’t yike dat”

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