Florida Ice Haiku

I’m breaking my own rules by posting on a Tuesday, instead of the decided upon Mondays, Wednesdays, and Freestyle Fridays. Wow, I’m rebellious and sometimes it feels so good 😉 Inspired by Brenda of Friendly Fairy Tales and my frozen fountain, a haiku surfaced in my mind. And on the heels of scottishmomus‘ recent rule-breaking, unbeknownst to her, I felt the need to post on a Tuesday and give credit to those who inspire me.

frozen fountain

As we gripe, “Too cold!”

Fairies delight while skating

On Florida ice

13 thoughts on “Florida Ice Haiku

  1. Love it, Kerry, rules are there for breaking! LOL What fun to skate on the Florida ice! Packing up ornaments here in the frozen north. There should be a haiku in there somewhere… Best, Brenda

    • Thanks Brenda, one would never expect to skate on Florida ice, so I bet it would be fun! 🙂 It won’t last long, looks like we’ll be up to 67 degrees by the weekend. Most people hate it here but I like the cold snaps.

  2. I can’t appreciate it because it’s so freezing!! this is nuts!!! I saw a picture the other day where the entire country was blue – except Florida. The caption was “it’s national hate Florida day”. So, I’m super glad that you guys are cold now, too!
    Yes, the cold makes me even more cranky than normal and yes, I’m a horrible enough person that I take delight in others being as miserable!

  3. You’re so nice. I love that about you. We have family in Florida who came up for Christmas, and went home just before the snowstorm with a “hahaha, and a hohoho, it is beautiful in Florida”. My Haiku would have looked much more like:
    “ha ha ha heehee”
    I laugh as your asses freeze,
    ha ha ha hee hee.

    thank you.

    • 🙂 ha! Thank you, that is a very nice compliment! Yes, there are a lot of complaints around here. I don’t mind it though, makes it actually feel like winter, I wish we’d get just a bit of snow too sometimes. I lived in Chicago for a few years and enjoyed the cold for a bit, but tired of it pretty quickly.

    • After reading your comment, I cannot get the song from Wizard of Oz out of my head…
      Ha ha ha
      Ho ho ho
      And a couple of tra la las
      That’s how we laugh the day away
      In the merry old land of Oz

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