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I am reading Bringing Yoga to Life: The Everyday Practice of Enlightened Living and the chapter I recently finished is about deepening your practice by bringing it home. I set out a goal to start daily meditation at home and wrote about in this post as a way to hold myself accountable. I even downloaded a Daily Meditation app and set notifications to remind me at 6:15 in the morning. Yet, every morning when it went off, I noticed it, took a sip of my coffee and continued reading blogs, emails, writing, etc. Needless to say, I have yet to sit and meditate for even five minutes, but I have accumulated a lot of notification reminders reminding me that I was being slack.

Instead of feeling lazy for not meditating, I decided to turn off the Daily Meditation notification and accept that for now, yoga is my meditation. Rather than sit in lotus pose and meditate for five minutes, for now I’d rather start my morning with a short yoga practice of my own. It is meditative and wakes up my body. When I read the passage about committing to just three poses to begin, I knew that was something I commit to since having 2 young children does not lend much time to be alone much less making that time meditative. I will occasionally do one pose throughout the day while playing with my kids when I feel the need for particular stretch but I wanted to bring the meditative qualities home too.

So, Day 1 of home yoga practice began one week ago.  I decided to do 3 poses as recommended in the book. I woke up to my alarm, got my coffee, did some blogging and once I hit publish on my Monday post, I began my home practice. I did not do a slow 5 breaths in each pose but more like one breath and before moving into the next pose. And I was still in my jammies and socks and on my carpet, not on a mat. The intention was to DO the poses, and the next time will be more on par with polishing the practice. I am planning to start with ~10 minutes of yoga practice for the mornings that I do not take a class at a studio. Here is how my first week went:

Monday, Day 1 at home:

I started in Sukhasana doing some full circles, breathing in while rolling forward and out rolling back about 3 circulations.


Then went to tabletop and into Downward Dog

downward dog

I slowly waved forward into plank and down into Cobra pose then back up to Down dog


Then, I brought my right foot forward between my hands into lunge, then placed my left hand on the floor and lifted my right arm to sky for an Extended Side Angle Post

Utthita Parsvakonasana Extended side angle pose

Then, hands back to floor and into Downward dog,

Then left foot forward into lunge, right hand to floor and left to sky for an opposite sidestretch,

Hands to floor and back to Down dog

Finally, Child’s Pose

childs pose

So, I actually did five poses but it only took about 5 minutes and I know I could have extended it and made it more meditative. But, I do feel happy that I at least DID it. We all have to start somewhere.

Tuesday I did Yin yoga for the first time and fell in love.

Wednesday, Day 2 at home:

I did a more focused breath pattern with 3 breaths per pose on a mat. I used Yoga Journal “Build Sequence” to help get started:

  • Sukhasana
  • Tabletop
  • Cat/Cow
  • Down Dog
  • Plank to Cobra
  • Down Dog
  • Lunge to Extended Side Angle stretch (right)
  • Triangle pose (right)
  • Down Dog
  • Lunge to Extended Side Angle stretch (left)
  • Triangle pose (left)
  • Down Dog
  • Walk feet between hands for a forward bend, half bend, forward bend
  • Reach hands to sky for Sun Salutation
  • Forward bend
  • Crow pose
  • Seated for 5 breaths
  • Savasana

Thursday, Day 3 at home:

I did not build a sequence online and instead went with what felt good doing 5 breaths per pose:

  • Sukhasana
  • Cat/cow
  • Downward Dog, taking a minute to stretch and move around
  • Plank to Cobra
  • Downward Dog
  • Repeat cobra/down dog
  • Lunge (right)
  • Extended Side Angle (right)
  • Triangle (right)
  • Reverse Triangle (right)
  • Warrior II (right)
  • Downward Dog
  • Then the same routine on left side
  • Forward bend
  • Sun salutation
  • Forward bend
  • Half up, fold
  • Headstand. This was the first time I had ever done headstand without a wall. I held it for 3 breaths and it felt awesome. Inversions are like having that 3rd cup of coffee, totally invigorating!


  • Child’s pose
  • Savasana
  • Sukhasana

This whole routine took about 15 minutes. I then took my dogs outside with my coffee. The sun had just risen and the air was cool, crisp and quiet.

I now find this time outside as rejuvenating as looking at the stars before bed. While I thought I loved my coffee and computer time in the morning, this new routine is far better! But I will still enjoy that coffee/computer time on the days I take group classes.

Friday, group Creative Flow class

Sat/Sun recovered from a stomach bug that hit me late Friday afternoon. The upside was that it gave me forced downtime and a detox, other than that, it sucked.

Does anyone have an at home sequence you particularly  like?

*I got a notification that yesterday was my 2 year WordPress Anniversary! Yippee!  

Is anyone tired of hearing me go on and on about yoga? Ha! I started this blog to be about my kids and motherhood and it has really taken an unexpected turn!

However, I do have some kid scenarios to share soon! Stay tuned 🙂

*photos courtesy of YogaJournal.com

24 thoughts on “3 Poses

  1. I’m not tired of your yoga yakking yet! In fact, I participate in a daily challenge, it’s all about wellness – and because of you I signed up for the “simple yoga” tract, so I’m about half way through my 28 days of simple yoga, and I’m enjoying it! 😉
    Love how in just a few days time you went from 5 min to 15 min! 🙂

    • That’s great Kate!!! I love that all the yakking has inspired you and that you are not tired of hearing about it 😉 I didn’t do it today but at least I feel just about 100%, thank goodness though now my husband has it. yuck! kids are fine after only some low grade fevers yesterday. I will get back on my home practice Wed because tomorrow is Yin yoga class…you’ve got to try that sometime too!

  2. Wow! I am in awe of your dedication and inspired to do the same. I’ve been meaning to get a daily practice going for ages now and I haven’t ever kept it up. It has got to happen.

    • Start with just 3 poses, that will break you out of feeling like you just don’t have time. It did for me. And even if it is a bit half-assed like my Day 1, at least you know you did it! 😉

  3. Love this idea, Kerry. Getting to a daily class would be very challenging for most of us, but doing just a little bit at home makes a whole lot of sense. Thanks for the sharing the link to the yoga journal site. I’ve bookmarked it. Love the idea of building pose sequences!

    • I love the “build a sequence” section…really helpful! Yoga in a studio can get expensive and can be hard to find a class that works with your schedule. Luckily, yoga requires little and devoting a small amount of time each day to the practice really rewards great benefits!

      • couldn’t agree more. as I think about my next challenge (I’m working on a challenge a month!), following my Jan detox, I’ve been thinking about doing a short yoga practice every single day for a month (picking Feb = shortest month, of course!). This website/ build a sequence will come in very handy! Thanks!

      • Awesome! I can’t wait to hear more about your experience and the sequences you design. In that same book I referenced it mentioned something helpful to me about repetition in sequences being good and that when our intentions are different each practice, we can gain something new each time. No need to stress over making a new sequence each day. You still doing the guided meditation on Wednesday?

      • That’s the plan…for now. I may chicken out and leave it for next Wednesday. (They do it every wed at 5:30 at the Ganesha Center). Maybe I’ll go day after tomorrow. Maybe… 🙂

  4. Wow – amazing! I’ve always been told I should try yoga – I have a very poor ‘core’ – Doctors tell me yoga would help strengthen that which would then help my back?!? I’m troubled with a bad back a LOT…maybe I should try some of your plan!

    • Give a try! Really taking the time in each pose to breath and suspend yourself beyond just the stretch is where the true benefit lies though. I need to strengthen my core too and yoga does help.

  5. I checked for yoga classes near my office and I was so disappointed because they were so expensive! I really want to have an instructor for the first few weeks because I just know I am doing everything wrong (unless getting a stiff neck is a good sign)! So I’m sticking to my yoga app for now. Pfft

  6. I’ve started doing an at-home yoga practice, too, and am finding it very rewarding. The more I do it the more I want to do it, and the better I feel 🙂

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