A Florida “Snow Day”

10 day

a typical 10 day forecast over the last few weeks

Does anyone else get freaked out by the polar vortex and the severe fluctuations in weather lately? I am generally pretty optimistic with a healthy sense of realism but lately I have this hidden panic that the world is going to end.  But then I read this article and it gave me some reassurance that I have a bit more time so I should not throw in the towel just yet and maybe consider putting a stop to eating all of those mini-Snickers. I know, not a very yogic way to live, I’m still learning. 🙂

Maybe I’m a bit pessimistic today because both of my kids are home and we are trapped inside because the school district declared Tuesday and Wednesday “snow days”, how about instead “the joke is on you, you stay-at-home mom” days? My daughter was so excited for snow because I think she expected this:.

photo 3

but instead it was just another cold and wet day.

photo 1

The first thing out of her mouth Tuesday morning was, “mommy, why isn’t there snow?” Good question my dear, good question; I’m not sure there will be any. I get that officials were concerned about icy roads since we are not equipped to handle these conditions in our mini-paradise, but it still seems a bit silly all the same.


And apparently I was the only mother in our area who wasn’t thrilled to have “time to snuggle with the kids”. I love my kids and time with them but after a week of birthday craziness last week, I was happy to get back to some normal routines this week.

Maybe it is because I didn’t get in my morning yoga session nor did I have a list of Pinterest activities to keep my kids entertained all day.

Maybe it is because my daughter has been so difficult lately and our old standby discipline tactics don’t seem to be working anymore. Yesterday, I put together a “Consequence Jar” with punishments inside for her to pick out when she misbehaves after receiving a warning.

photo 3 (2)

On the one hand, I felt screwed because I imagined a day filled with her picking out consequences, on the other, I figured we could test out its effectiveness. It kind of worked, she misbehaved at breakfast so she drew the “no dessert” punishment. Then she had a fever and I connected her behavior with not feeling good. Oops. Strike against mommy.

So, here we are at home trying to find things to keep us busy. My daughter is fighting a cold and has low-grade fevers so having the day off worked out. And she has little energy to misbehave and argue.

What do we Floridians do on “snow days”? Pretty much the same thing we do during a hurricane; we complain a lot, make panic runs to the grocery store, post a million FB quotes and statuses about our misery or what great Pinterest activities we are doing, etc. And we also make puppets, mold playdoh, paint, color, watch TV, eat popcorn, bake brownies, eat mini-Snickers and string beads on jewelry.

The upside is that we stayed in jammies until late morning and watched more television than I usually allow. Then, we did some activities that kept them busy for about 30 minutes, the boy napped and the girl rested, so I had some adult conversations via blogging…thanks Meghan of Mathair Fiona 😉

As of this writing, our snow day has yet to produce any snow but I am very hopeful that some comes in tonight and we can wake to a bit of a white sprinkling on the ground.

If the world is ending, at least we will end it with this meal…yum!


Hearty Zuppa Toscana

Update: this morning, I woke up to this:

Not enough to play in and it is basically frozen and slippery,  but its something. Another day inside. …send me ideas!!

Happy Florida Snow Day!

24 thoughts on “A Florida “Snow Day”

  1. Days with little ones are hard to fill when the weather is bad. I always imagine Florida being perpetually sunny, but I guess it’s not!

  2. I’m with you on this! I have two boys ages 4.5 and 6 and when I’m stuck inside with them all day long, it’s sometimes impossible. Sounds like you made the most of it. We bought a bouncy castle and put it downstairs so they could get their energy out down there!!

  3. I love that homemade zuppa tuscana soup! So yummy! 🙂 Our weather has been like that – yesterday we got up to 36, today, up to 46 (hopefully), but right now it is 17 dg with a windchill of 10. I’d suggest we have a snow day here just so we could all pull the covers up over our heads, but we used up all of our snow days during #icemageddon. Sorry you missed yoga! I think that alone means you need more mini snickers! 😉

    • haha! I only missed yoga because I didn’t do it…bleh! And I didn’t this morning because I let myself sleep past my alarm and my daughter was up early. May have to improvise and do it whilst watching cartoons. 🙂

  4. Oooooo I love the consequence jar idea. Brilliant for when Monkey gets older (except I will prob forget about it by then). It sounds like you guys had a pretty good day after all. I wish I had more Pinterest ideas for you but I haven’t worked out how to be that mum yet. Good luck!! Oh and the weather thing sure is concerning but I have faith in humans to figure it out before they ruin it completely. It won’t happen in our lifetime anyway so we best teach our children well and hope for the best! 🙂

    • It was so so good!! And made a ton…we had it again tonight, I just added fresh potatoes and kale. Easy but takes longer than it said. Took about an hr with all the chopping and cooking meat, etc

  5. You are so welcome! I am not going to lie, I’m not really sure what you can do inside all day despite having been stuck at our house for 9 days in December. We had 8 inches of snow so we went out A LOT. Your situation does make me chuckle…who cancels school for a little ice?!? You silly Floridians 🙂

    • If we had actual fluffy snow, we would have been out a lot! too Upon further reflection yesterday being iced in, it isn’t so silly after all. Not being equipped to handle ice/snow in our area by not having proper equipment or experience (although I lived in Chicago for a few years), many others have no idea how to handle the conditions. And even those who do, like my husband from northern VA, had a hard time driving yesterday. It was advised to stay off of the roads but he was antsy and figured he could handle it. But experience or no experience, driving on slippery ice is just not a good idea. Better to stay in and be safe than have hundreds of kids on school buses colliding into eachother. And, it has been nice having forced slow days…but I’m over it! 😉

      • I completely understand. Ice freaks me the ef out! I probably don’t need to be as freaked out as I am because de-icer is always being put out when needed so its not as big of a deal as it always seems to me. You just never know with ice since you can sometimes not even see it.

        I remember when our snow days started how, at first, I was enjoying not being able to do anything. I even felt that way when the pipes first froze. The magic quickly wore off.

        Are the kids back to school today?

      • No 😁…and our bridge is closed so my husband has been home too. I’m kind of over family time and it’s only been a couple of days! Haha. I think it opens at noon and ice is thawing. As soon as it does we are going out to do something..anything! 😉

      • Nature walk day! They don’t get to see this kind of weather often so it would be great fun to go out and see how it changes everything. I love going out when it has frozen because the duff in wooded areas appears to be suspended. Ice forms between the ground and the duff layer and it looks and feels really cool.

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