Overdue Thanks

I’m a bit behind on my thank you notes so I am going to do them all in one fell swoop!

First, thank you so much to Reinvention of Mama for my 4th Blog of the Year 2013 award given early December and created by the Thought Palette. I now have 4 stars, yippee!

Blog of the Year Award 4 star jpeg

Rules: nominate one or more blogs, link back to the creator of the award, display the image, let your nominees know.


  1. Mummy Says
  2. Little Miss Perfect
  3. Dear Crazy Kids
  4. Running after Ale
  5. kukolina
  6. From 2 to 3 kids
  7. Making Memories in the Chaos
  8. Friendly Fairy Tales
  9. Contrary Mom
  10. Naptimethoughts

The lovely and kind Kate of Did That Just Happen Blog? nominated me (and Rachel of mummy flying solo along with others) for the Sunshine Award, an award for inspirational bloggers. I am honored to be considered inspiring…it warms my heart and inspires me! And then Rachel went and nominated me again. I could not be more flattered! And I love these women, they have become true friends! I am hoping that one day we can all meet in person!!

sunshine-award-1Rules: nominate 10 bloggers, give 11 random facts

Blogs that I am inspired by:

  1. my year(s) of sweat
  2. Ordinarily Raw
  3. Mathair Fiona
  4. Perfection Pending
  5. Fascinations of a Vanilla Housewife
  6. Freedom of the Heart
  7. Scottishmomus
  8. Are You Finished Yet?
  9. Efficient Mama
  10. Making Happiness

11 Random Facts:

  1. I find the sound of distant trains soothing
  2. I swam our 3 mile Bay 3 times in high school
  3. I misspelled vegetable in a spelling bee (left out the 2nd e)
  4. I despise dangling participles
  5. I’m beginning potty training my boy. Do I train him standing up or down? (half random fact, half question 🙂
  6. I finally “get” Pinterst and now know how to use it without letting it suck ALL of my time.
  7. I like brushing dolls hair. Weird, I know. I get this strange sense of accomplishment from brushing my daughter’s American Girl and Barbies hair
  8. I really love yoga inversions and am excited to take an inversions workshop in March!
  9. I have really vivid dreams and spend a good amount of time analyzing them
  10. I have puppy fever probably because it masks the baby fever and I don’t want anymore kids
  11. I watch the Bachelor. There, its out there.

And finally, my friend Meghan of Mathair Fiona nominated me for the Liebster Award and she changed the rules a bit so I am going with hers!

liebster award pic


  1. List 11 random facts about yourself —see above
  2. Nominate the one (or up to 3…my amended rule) blogger that is “dearest” to you and explain why in your post
  3. Notify your nominee
  4. Link back to the person who nominated you

Nominees: (these are a couple of my loyal blogging friends who I refer to as  “the usual suspects” :))

  1. Did That Just Happen Blog-Kate has been a loyal reader and commenter for so long, we’ve developed a great friendship. She is funny, honest and so very thoughtful and kind.
  2. mummy flying solo-Rachel and I share so many similar interests. She posts thought-provoking, funny and inspiring posts. She lives an interesting life and you never know what you’ll read about next!
  3. my year(s) of sweat-Nancy is awesome! She is so very inspiring with her commitment to her goals…she never wavers. She is honest with herself, humble and always looking for self-improvement and I greatly admire that quality.

45 thoughts on “Overdue Thanks

  1. I’m excited to check out some of your nominees, it looks like I won’t have a very productive work day today – oops! 😉

  2. Kerry, thanks for the nomination. I now have feelings of guilt for all the awards that have gone un-publicly-thanked in my awards draft. And yet, I doubt I will get to them today. We’ll see. Thanks for nominating friendlyfairytales for blog of the year, that is pretty darn cool! Regards, Brenda

  3. Wow! Kerry thank you so much for the nomination! You made my day! You are much deserved for all of the awards! You have such a beautiful blog. I can’t wait to check out the other blogs that you nominated that I don’t know. 😊😊-Edith

  4. Naawwwwwww thanks so much for the award love. I’ll have to do that Leibster one too but it’s going to be the same group of people LOL And that’s ok. I love our little team. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we did meet someday???!!!!

    PS Good luck with the potty training. Our boys are pretty much the same age right? Monkey sits on the look every night before the bath but NEVER wees. I get instead “It’s stuck, Mummy”. Keep us posted on how you go.


    • Mine is not interested and still says “i don’t YIKE that!” but I’m trying still.

      With award posts, I’m pretty much always nominating the same people. I’m loyal 😉 But I have come across some great new blogs lately too.

      • Umm… I have to confess i don’t really do potty training. At 2.5 I bought a potty to keep in the house but DS1 showed only novelty interest. It just collected dust in the playroom until one day (he was 2y8m) he brought it out to me with a wee in it! We dropped nappies that day and he never looked back. He’s an anomaly though – we dropped night nappies four weeks later and he’s had two accidents in 18 months – day and night. It’s so unusual (and unbelievable), I never really say anything unless someone asks me directly. DS2 is 2y6m and the potty is currently gathering dust in the bathroom. I’m hoping he’ll just use it when he’s ready, even though other mums roll their eyes at me when I say I’m not bothering to get him out of nappies, ha ha ha! X

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