Remember the Time I Harvested Your Crops??

Other than memories of fun experiences or moments in time, I cannot remember exactly how it felt not to have kids. Maybe it is the fact that my kids sucked out some of my brain cells with each birth so much so that when someone asks on Monday what I did last weekend I have to think hard to find the answer. But, I think it is more that my kids changed my life so much for the better that a life without them just doesn’t seem ever to have existed. Like they were always a part of my life even when they were just “twinkles in the sky”.

Even further, it is hard to imagine life with just one child. When I only had my daughter and was a new mom, I remember feeling very busy and overwhelmed at times. The responsibility of taking care of another human was awesome, terrifying and all-encompassing in those early days but now life with two children is so drastically different that the idea of my former self thinking I was busy just seems crazy. Granted, going from zero children to one is by far the biggest life change one can experience. Then, going from one to two kids is much easier in the adjustment period but harder in daily life. The responsibility is still awesome and terrifying, you just train yourself not to think about it all the time.

Life with my first, upon reflection, was a time of bliss and simplicity. I looked for things to keep my daughter and I busy. I felt like she was my little accessory as I carried her in her front carrier and we went to the farmer’s market to look at the various colors of fruits and vegetables. Then back home for naps, snacks and afternoon walks. That was pretty much it…and I felt busy. Then I had my son and life was much busier tending to a preschooler and a new baby but over time I started writing again, started a blog, then acquired an at-home job and started freelance writing.

My son got older and I added his social activities to the mix with my daughter’s extracurricular activities. I am by no means busier than lots of people I know such as women with 3+ kids or my sister who is a CPA working full-time and a single mom but busy enough that things that used to occupy my time seem just silly now. I remember evenings when my daughter was asleep and I’d be alternating between the PBS web site list of “best children’s books” to Amazon trying to find “just the right book” for my her. Now, we hit the library every three weeks and grab a handful in about 10 minutes.

This recent reflection of how much my life has changed over the years was spawned by Farmville.


Last week, my sister was working from home since we were all homebound due to an ice storm in Florida. Her kids were with their dad and even though she has an ongoing laundry list of things to do, she felt almost paralyzed with the “free” time she had in between work. Have you ever experienced that? You “Go,Go,Go!” and then given the time to accomplish something, you freeze not knowing what to do first? We function on time constraints and to-do lists during our normal days that a chance to catch up on odds and ends leaves us feeling lost. But I digress.

My sister stopped by after an outing to Wal-Mart “just to see other humans” because she was beginning to feel like an actress in “The Shining” Part 2 in her home. (Note: Floridians don’t like to be trapped inside even for only one day) While we were chatting, her phone notified her of an invitation to play Candy Crush. She deleted it and said, “If one more person invites me to play Candy Crush, I am going to scream! “ In an instant, a long-lost memory flooded my mind…Farmville.

I said in between giggles, “Remember the time when we played Farmville!!! HAHAHA!” My sister introduced me to Farmville when my daughter was a little baby so I would often spend her nap times and evenings tending my “farm”. But I never got addicted and deleted the game not too long after starting. My sister, however, was a full-blown Farmville addict which is hilarious to remember as she now balances being a single mom and working full-time.  Her “farm” had the big mansion, the hot-air balloon, well placed crops and she saved up for other various buildings and animals she wanted. She had plans and goals.

One weekend, she went out-of-town for a long weekend and called me in a mini-panic on her way out the door. She had just checked her crops and had 2 days to harvest one particular crop. If she didn’t, God forbid, it would wither. So, she gave me her login information and asked me to harvest her crops while she was out-of-town. Yes, she did. I nurtured her crops with all the love only a sister could do, because if I didn’t, what would happen?? Absolutely nothing. But, it was important at the time.

I look back fondly on those days. I have no need for competition over being busier than the next person. In fact, I try desperately to slow down and yoga has served that need greatly. Remembering harvesting my sister’s virtual vegetables brings me back to a time of simplicity and ease though I didn’t see it that way then. Remembering clearing her virtual plots of land and planting virtual seeds while she was out-of-town reminds me to take notice of the simplicity I have now so that my future Self will look back fondly on these days. As I remember the time I tended her virtual garden, I remember to not ever get sucked into Facebook games again. But it is a nice memory that still gives me the giggles. remember-the-time-blog-hop

I am linking  up with Kelly of Are You Finished Yet? and Emily of The Waiting for their Remember the Time blog hop.

17 thoughts on “Remember the Time I Harvested Your Crops??

  1. My mother was farmville insane. I was always the big video game geek in the family until that hit. She had multiple accounts, made dozens of online friends, and was unlocking everything pretty much as fast as possible. She along with two of her farmville buddies one in the US and one in the UK wrote this massive GameFAQ for maximising their farms. It was one of the most detailed FAQs I had ever seen! Our first born was about about a year old when this was going on and whenever we visited she had to keep running and tending her farm. we got so annoyed we told her we weren’t going to visit anymore if she couldn’t actually visit with us. She got it under control after that, and like most others she woke up one day and realized farmville was not fun at all, but it was a demanding time intensive job that you paid to interact with.

    I was so glad when people stop trying to give me cows.

    • haha! Me too, I still get invites to play games and they just get ignored. That’s hysterical that your mom ran back to check on her farm when you visited! Glad she got it under control though..that would be annoying. 😉

  2. I knew the punch line and I STILL laughed out loud when you wrote that she asked you to harvest her crops! So hilarious. On a more serious note…best takeaway line from this post: “The responsibility is still awesome and terrifying, you just train yourself not to think about it all the time.” Amen!

    • Glad you still got a laugh, I still get a chuckle too just thinking about it! So much has changed. And thanks for commenting on your favorite line. Its so true, right? The first child really freaks us out but you just can’t live in that state forever or you’ll move to a cave 😉

  3. I, too, have fond Farmville memories! I’m very familiar with the “mini-panic” of not harvesting crops in time. It really is crazy to think I had the time for such a thing back then! I actually enjoy being more busy with my two kids than when it was just my son and me. Great post!

    • Me too…most of the time. I do wish sometimes for more of those “wander the farmer’s market” days with my son. He didn’t get that as much as my daughter did. Just wasn’t possible anymore. But, he had his sister as a permanent playmate, so that was a bonus for him 🙂

  4. LOL! I remember several years ago I spent many months addicted to Farmville. My boss wanted daily phone calls between us, and well, he tends to get side tracked easily, so I would play games while on the phone with him, and then it just got out of hand! I was actually glad when I had that moment when I realized that I didn’t have to play anymore!

  5. I keep myself so busy that I don’t know what to do first if I have a lull so I can relate to your sister’s confusion. The only time I switch off my noisy brain is when I’m doing yoga, until savasana, then it all comes flooding back. You have a great blog. Namaste!

    • Thank you so much! Savasana can be great in that sense too though, right? You let go, release and quiet the mind during your practice and then during savasana everything becomes clear. I have had many quiet and still moments in savasana but likely even more where my best thoughts and answers to troubling questions occur. Thank you for reading. xo

  6. I never played Farmville, but I did have a Sims addiction that made me a little crazy too. I would wake up in the middle of the night thinking about that stupid game, and I remember one Valentines day when my husband and I were just dating that all I wanted to do with him was play the Sims. He obliged, which in retrospect I guess means he really loved me.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  7. I’ve been meaning to get to this post for a few days now. I am missing the big picture here, I know, but that is SO funny. I can only imagine someone calling me needing me to harvest their crops! It’s kinds of cute.


    I am constantly having to stop myself when I feel “too busy” to remember that things are going to be so much different when they have actual school work to be done during the day. Luckily, we have at least 2.5 years before that happens, but the last 2.5 years seem to have gone by in a flash!

    • They do absolutely fly by as cliche’ as it sounds.
      It is still hysterical for me to think of my sister asking me to harvest her crops considering where SHE is now. Cracks me up. Farmvillle…ha!, total nonsense.

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