Where Love is Made

I love a challenge. In fact, I have a hard time walking away from one. Anne-Marie, of scottishmomus, didn’t realize or intend to challenge me in her award acceptance post, In Awe but she did nonetheless. Perhaps because I’ve never written a sensual piece I needed to prove to myself that I could. Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement Anne-Marie. xo

This might be more of a “Saturday night special” than a Monday morning read but since Valentine’s Day is this week, I figured we might as well get our engines warmed up. Enjoy…my cheeks are turning red as get closer to hitting “publish”but I am remembering that this year is about overcoming fears!

Mom~stop reading now! 🙂


Where Love is Made

Is it in that very first moment when you meet, all chaos swirls still and you “just know”?

Or is it during that first playful kiss still learning who’s who and you barely know each other’s name?

Maybe it’s when you’re talking in early morning hours when everything is moving so slow,

Perhaps it’s when conversation stops, he stares into your eyes pulling you close into him,

Possibly when he’s holding you tight skin to skin and you know the moment is near,

Or is it when the tension breaks and you melt as his heat rushes your quim.

Maybe it’s when the rhythm is set and you’re thirsty for more and more,

Could it be when you never want it to end and you feel like all time has ceased?

Or is it when you’re feverish and burning with exquisite heat in your core?

Is it the moment when all thrushes in a pinnacle and glory reaches its height,

When wrapped around each other in warmth and devotion and you come back to the world,

Or instead when the passion quells and tenderness holds you tight?

Maybe it is when the years go by as they do; when you’ve hit your highest high and your lowest low,

And when your union evolves to a family and your life is as full as can be.

Or perhaps it’s that glance that can still catch your breath where chaos swirls still and you still “just know.”

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