The Gateway Bumper Sticker

I swore, along with most pre-kid parents that I would never, ever get a mini-van when I had kids; that I would get back to MY life once my baby was born (said when pregnant with my first) and I wouldn’t live in yoga pants which are just one step up from “mom-jeans”, or a step down whichever way you look at it. Mom-Jeans

Today, I drive a mini-van, live a life exactly 180 degrees from my life pre-kids and  pretty much live in yoga pants but actually do yoga so most days the attire is justified.

Not too long ago, driving my mini-van, I’d laugh to myself at all the parents driving their cars with the infamous “Proud Parent of a Terrific Kid” bumper sticker. Almost every mini-van has one, so I’d think to myself, “How is your kid unique or anymore terrific than the next?” It seemed so bland, so generic, so overdone.  And of course, the bumper sticker was just below the stick figure family with the stick dog to boot.

Two weeks ago, on the heels of my daughter’s misbehavior, we got a letter from school stating that she was chosen for the month of January as her class’ Terrific Kid recognizing students “who are working to the best of their ability to improve academic performance, behavior and relationships with peers.” It’s a template letter and written “To Parent” but still, I was beaming and so very proud of my girl. She has her kid struggles but she IS a terrific kid. I spent every day since receiving that letter addressing her as such. “Good morning my terrific kid!”, “Hey terrific kid, how was school?” “Good night my terrific kid, sweet dreams”….what was once so generic and mass-produced all of a sudden was so very special once it became our own.

And now… now that I am the parent of a school-wide recognized Terrific Kid, I proudly wear the badge of honor, because in truth, no mini-van is complete without one.

bumper sticker

My sister said when I told her I’d be receiving the “Terrific Kid” bumper sticker at the award presentation that, “It’s the gateway drug of bumper stickers.”

I guess it’s time to start shopping for my stick figure family.

36 thoughts on “The Gateway Bumper Sticker

  1. Oh Kerry…. so much to say here. 🙂

    First and foremost: YAY Rigby! You should be very proud of your little girl!

    …that said… 🙂
    God I hate minivans. I, too, swore I’d never own one (and to date, I never have). We did the SUV thing, and even a cross-over sports-utility-wagon, but never succumbed to the minivan thing. We have rented minivans when we’ve been on vacations, and I do have to say – I get it. Lots of little creature comforts – especially good for little ones (like the DVD things, etc.) But oh…no. I just can’t. 🙂

    And re: bumper stickers — your sis nailed it!! 🙂

    Carry on, proud mommy. You did good.

    • Small confession here. Dare I even say it and lose all credibility. I didn’t actually stick the sticker on the window. I taped it there to see how it’d look and wanted to wait to see if my husband wanted it on there. Its actually taped inside the window now and I’m thinking that is where it will stay. So, I didn’t actually inhale so to speak. haha 😉
      We rented a mini-van when I was pregnant with my son and I fell in love…the creature comforts totally sold me and my uncomfortable body at the time. And the DVD player…many praise and thanks to the beloved DVD player.
      As soon as my kids outgrow it and we no longer need all those little accouterments, I am immediately getting something cool. 😉

  2. Get the zombie stick family! It’s the only one worth getting :p

    And that is such a ‘terrific’ award! It’s hard to change our ways, and there’s as much pressure for kids as there is for adults, so good on your daughter for really putting an effort into it. Kudos.

  3. Congrats to you and daughter. But the bumper stickers for awards? Are these from school? We don’t do that here. Or stick figures. Little lost with this idea. Although it might catch on if the headteachers find out about it. 😉 x

  4. I love minivans! I can’t wait to get one someday (we’re still a car-only family). Yay for having a terrific kid, btw! 😉

  5. I drove the family minivan in high school. It was a sweet ride. I have tried to convince my husband that we need one, but he refuses and insists our next is an SUV. I’m with him though…it’s had to tow a trailer full of ATV’s with a minivan. I do have one of those stick figure families. Though mine are done up in Oregon State University gear. And….I never updated it after having Teddy Bear. That shiz is expensive!

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