The One

Where do we come from and where do we go?

Never-ending questions we long to know.

The answers surround us in every living thing,

Where pulsing energy connects us to the universal string.

Where is this dimension where we all connect,

Waiting til we split and divide in another sect?

Coming and going back into the One, Universe, God, or Space.

How can we hate, hurt and destroy when we all come from the same place?

We all; people, animals, plants and fish, are of the same great Nature

Yet we name and divide ourselves, calculating and classifying with varying nomenclature.

When it all ends, maybe we come back to the place where we shift, blend and fold

Until the universe decides it is time again to share its beauty in a new mold.

So many ways, so many souls blissful in the One that is Love.

When we recognize this fate, we soar on the wings of a dove.

Inspired by Same Soul, Many Bodies by Brian L Weiss, MDThis is a sequel to Many Lives, Many Masters and is absolutely fascinating. I find so much love and comfort in knowing that we all are one. Connecting to the One in whatever way can is important and life-changing. The idea that we are connecting to ourselves and others in many lifetimes and dimensions and are continually learning how to improve our souls is so very inspiring. I highly recommend both of these books.

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