These are a few of my favorite pins…

I’m always a bit behind on trends. Just when skinny jeans were old news is when I finally got the courage to wear them and ended up with four pairs in one shopping trip. I tend to dive headfirst into new interests if that hasn’t already become apparent. And the funny thing is, I swore I would never wear skinny jeans!

That has been the case with most trends that come along. But I give you my word that I will not wear high-wasted or acid washed jeans. I never did the high-wasted thing, that was more my mom’s generation but had loads of acid-washed jeans in my closet in middle school. However, don’t judge if one day I post an image of myself on Facebook in high-wasted acid-washed denim.

Facebook is another one. I did MySpace years ago but said that was it, I wasn’t going to get involved in all the hype of social media. And then I did, but only Facebook. When Pinterest came along, I played around for what felt like 5 minutes and then realized 3 hours had gone by. It was at that point I said, “Never again!” and I didn’t really get it anyway, a place to post stuff you “like” like it’s a bulletin board? Again, reminded me of middle school years. But that was then, and now, when everyone else is over the novelty of Pinterest, I am giddy with excitement over the fun things I am learning from it now; now that I “get” how to use it.

I will claim now that I have no intention of using Twitter or any other social medias!

But don’t judge when you see me hashtag-ing myself silly in 6 months.

I promise this isn’t a shameless plug for you to follow me on Pinterest. I don’t see how anyone gains notoriety that way, it is just a big bulletin board of ideas, for me at least. Anyway, after much ado about nothing, I offer you (in sing-song to “My Favorite Things” and in PicMonkey style that I am not totally proficient at having only “gotten it” until recently):


1. My board Meal Planning has saved me. I had to start meal planning not because I love to cook but because it keeps my sanity from abandoning me at 5pm when I have nothing planned or in the refrigerator. And it helps our budget so we don’t order out too often. I have subscribed to The Fresh 20 before and sat with piles of cookbooks to come up with ideas, but Pinterest is hands-down the BEST way to meal plan. Why didn’t I start this sooner?

Some of my favorite go-tos you ask? They have all been delicious so far, but my kids love these which means I will revisit them:

Home-made creamer…brilliant! There are lots of pins about homemade creamers so I made it my own and made Creme Brulee creamer with reduced fat milk and sweetened condensed milk. It was absolutely delicious, tasting just like store-bought flavored creamers but I know exactly what ingredients are in it.


Kid organization, inspired by Making Memories in the Chaos Perfection Pending and Kid Organization pins:


Then this saved my morning sanity. It seems there is a theme with Pinterest saving my sanity:

chore chart

I also love searching new yoga sequences but don’t really follow them to a T, they just offer new ideas when I get stuck (no pun intended) in a rut.

So there are just a few of my favorite pins with my spin and the topics that keep me going back.

Have a great Wednesday!

*The yoga images were found multiple times on Pinterest without a web site. No photo credit to give.

18 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite pins…

  1. Haha! Seriously, Pinterest is awesome. 😀
    I am the same with the newest things – let others go to town, not me, thanks! But then….yeah, I come around. 🙄 But I’m with you on the Twitter thing – I REALLY don’t think I will be going that route!

  2. I’m fighting FIGHTING the urge to really get into Pinterest. At the moment I’m primarily just using it to link to the blog posts. I really worry about what a time sucker it could become.

    Starting to pull away from Facebook for just that reason. It is nice to keep in touch with friends and family but I’m starting to wonder if that’s worth the amount of time I allow myself to use it.

    • I know! I felt the same way with Facebook and I swear the simple act of removing the app from my phone really helped. Pinterest doesn’t suck my time anymore because I use it primarily for meal planning and then specifically looking for ideas. Like the yoga/meditation space you and I talked about..Pinterest gives some great inspiration.

  3. I’m a late trend bloomer too and only just got Pinterest. I think of it as a visual bookmarking tool that others can read. I love it as no matter where I am pr what device I’m on that information is available to me. My boards are pretty scant compared to others but they work for me. Love that morning routine one. 🙂

    • haha! I knew nothing about blogging until I started 2 years ago. But I wouldn’t say I really “got it” until 1 year ago. I tend to try something, get totally baffled by it then come back a year or more later.

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