Freestyle Fridays: Digging in the bins: “Buddha Nature…where for art thou?”

In true Freestylin’ fashion, I am digging out an old post since I don’t have a guest post for this week. This one is one of my first posts in January 2012. I copied it in August 2013 on our Montana trip wondering if I’d found it and how to keep it and here I am copying the post again. My last post alluded to some of the cloudier times in my life, and this was clearly one of them. I have grown very much since the original posting.  It was a time of confusion, focus and attachment on things, the need to be perfect, and overall not allowing my life to be. I am happy I learned to hang up the “to do” of “finding” awareness because once I did, over time, I found it or rather, I woke up.

buddha nature

Originally posted January 28, 2012

I am not sure how long I have been looking, but I feel like it has been a while. I have read multiple books and sought out various professionals and friends but still, where is my Buddha Nature? Apparently, we all have one and can tap into it at any time and reach enlightenment at any given moment. I am a bit of an overachiever and I think at this point I am merely frustrated by the fact that I have not tapped in yet.

If anything, I feel more at peace with my life than ever before yet I have far less time to create the space I need. I don’t think I would have been capable of locating this mysterious Buddha Nature at any point before my 30’s. And if anything, I need to find this thing more than ever, now!

There are so many books about mindfulness and motherhood and I have read quite a few. I have tried all the tricks, focusing on my body throughout the day, taking in the moment, relaxing my face, even smiling at random points. I tried to smile when I came upon a red stop light as a new tactic to find my inner peace. The best I got was a few strange looks from the car next to me wondering what that creepy lady in the minivan was smiling about!

I do not think I will give up on this search but am wondering if the only thing I am achieving by searching is just more guilt and stress over the “need to be better”. When I really get down to the brass tacks, I have beautiful children, loving husband, lovely home, supportive family and friends. Could this be my Buddha Nature in disguise? Am I looking in the wrong places or expecting something other than what I already have…assuming that what I want MUST be better?

There is no life without stress, trials, tribulations, tired days, irritations. Would we truly enjoy our days without those things as our measure?

While I may find enlightenment one day, I may have to hang up the “to do” of finding it today.

The next two weeks are scheduled with two great guest posts. Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss them! If you would like to guest post, message me here! Happy Friday.xo

15 thoughts on “Freestyle Fridays: Digging in the bins: “Buddha Nature…where for art thou?”

  1. I love full of angst Kerry! That was kinda awesome! I know it represents a different part of your life – but man is that a part I can relate to! How many times have I searched for something – as profound as peace and for a small as my car keys – only to find it as soon as I stopped looking! As soon as I stopped trying to force it, and just let it be. As soon as I stopped trying to find it outside of myself, I was open to seeing it inside myself!

  2. That’s great! I lt made me laugh. We are learning about it right now in yoga teacher training, enlightenment and different types of it . are seedless some have seeds. The seedless last forever the ones with seeds of past samskaras come back given the same enviorment for it to grow. We even talked about past life stuff. Guru vishvaji wasn’t keen on it as a way to fix now. He said you have to work with present life and learn how to be here. I’ll tell u all about it.

  3. It’s fascinating to look back on the ‘old us’. All part of the jigsaw. I think sometimes we just put bits in the wrong place but all the pieces are there. Your earlier post this week testifies to your growing adeptness at puzzles. Gazing at the night skies and feeling your place in it. Lovely, Kerry, the angsty you and the more peaceful. 🙂 x

    • It really is fascinating. I like to look back on this blogging journal and how it was all about my kids and has evolved into something else entirely. It speaks so much of the journey and I look forward to what it looks like in another year. You are right, it is all parts of a puzzle and sometimes we find a piece that fits snugly putting the whole into much better perspective. Thank you for your nice words and always being supportive. xo

  4. Kind of sad about our world that a woman smiling in a minivan could ever be creepy. I’m so glad you keep finding your smile these days–and that you share it so generously. Peace, John

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