Batten Down the Hatches

I realize now that this week’s pattern of the Cardinal Grand Cross is going to play a part in my life that has nothing at all to do with diet or exercise or how much I intend to focus on personal projects. It has much more to do with fully recognizing what I cannot control and learning when to completely let go, not just from the feelings but from what is harmful and toxic in my life. Sounds like old news, right? it is. While it may be painful to face what hurts, there is such beauty in clarity.

green house concept

The door has always been open,

I have forgotten that it can close.

The hinges are rusty from disuse

Despite the many woes,

From allowing the storm to darken the step

Without any sun behind it,

Hammering down upon the frame

And weakening its fit.

There exists no lock or key

Yet the door has to shut

It creaks and moans against it hinges

Disliking the movement but,

It settles in safe and secure and the doorknob can still be turned

On a day when the storm clears and the sun shines again

On the truth that must be learned.

9 thoughts on “Batten Down the Hatches

  1. In reality, we can control almost nothing in our lives, and spending time and worry trying to control the many many things we can’t is only going to waste your time and make you crazy. I say this to my husband every day (usually followed by “and that makes ME crazy”).
    Do what you can, and laugh at the rest. It can’t hurt you if you laugh at it.

  2. It’s a journey. Growth, flourishing, dying back, letting go, rising once again… vinyasa. I see that our two positions are not that far removed from each other… and in a lot of ways that’s the point. We’re in it together. Keep your head up. xo

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