All you need is….a lovey

Happy Monday everyone! I am at Disney World this week and decided to pull out some old posts while I am away. I’m not sure anyone ever saw these so it will be fun to bring it into the light again.

I scheduled this week’s posts before the flood. I plan to share the experience I have had with the flood and loss of our home shortly after I get back and things get under some control. Until then…here is an oldie.

Originally posted February 16. 2012; edited

My daughter used to assign a “snuggly”, one of the many stuffed animals that line her bed, to me and one to my husband as I left her room after bedtime stories. This is the child that never had any kind of “lovey” or attachment as a baby. She never took a pacifier or sucked her fingers and in general, did not seem to need any kind of external soothing. Of course, as a first time mother, I was very proud of my child’s seemed inner peace. A friend once told me that it was because I breastfed my daughter that she did not need those things.  This would be a lovely thing to believe because it implies that I am solely responsible for every behavior and feeling my child exhibits. However, I quickly learned, my friend’s explanation was false.

There is an ever-changing list of things I learn, un-learn and re-learn each day, month and year having children. Regarding inner peace, it seems clear that whether you have a “snuggly” or “lovey” has absolutely nothing to do it. My son was also breastfed but found his fingers early on and they helped soothe him. After a couple of months, he found that he really liked his small, square, silky on one side, soft on the other blanket. He loves it so much that every time he went down for a sleep, he grabbed it immediately, rubbed his little face with it and then fell asleep with it over the top of his face. While I panicked the first few times he covered his face to go to sleep and would remove it, he just kept putting it back and I later learned that he would not suffocate because he was totally in control of his lovey.

Inner peace is something I strive for and while I feel that I am a very self-aware person, I use rational and logical thoughts, therapy, exercise, yoga, meditation, wine, etc. as a means to try to achieve this state of being. However, it has been brought to my attention, that a soft, snuggly/lovey may be all I need for self-soothing! On one particular night, the little snuggly assigned to me was the sheep for me and bunny for my husband.  We used to make sure they were on our bed because my daughter would fully expect us to be snuggling with them when she came to get us in the morning and would be appalled if this was not the case. As I got into bed at the end of the day to read and go to sleep, I found myself eyeing the little sheep. I put my book down, turned off the light and rolled over to go to sleep.  In the middle of the night when I came back to bed after getting up with my son, I was half asleep and less aware of what I was doing. I grabbed the little sheep and snuggled him tight falling right back to sleep.

When I woke again and realized how the little guy had soothed me back to sleep, I chuckled a little inside and snuggled him tighter. Turns out, there is something to sleeping with a snuggly and/or having a lovey; just holding that small and cute little sheep made me feel cozy and secure. This feeling is not something a mere pillow could offer. It must be due in part to my anthropomorphic tendencies but also because I could grab his little arms and legs; perhaps this particular snuggly is more ergonomic than a pillow? Okay, yes, now I’m stretching the envelope a bit.  One could argue that your significant other should be your snuggly. In our case though, we snuggle when we want to snuggle, but when we sleep, we want our space.

While attachments to various material items may not be something I want to encourage in my children as they grow older, I now understand that if they, and we, can find a sense of comfort and inner peace by something simple like snuggling with a stuffed sheep or a soft piece of blanket, then so be it. There are so many things to learn and many hard lessons to trudge through in life.  I want my children to tap into their inner peace and calm in any healthy way they can find to do so. The love we express to them is to be their guide. When they are on their own, I hope they will use love and wisdom to help them make decisions. In the words of the ever wise Beatles, I like to always believe that” all you need is love”….and possibly, a lovey.

Sheep and Bunny, front and center

Sheep and Bunny, front and center

The stuffies no longer grace our bed and are squeezed back in my daughter’s chest of multiplying stuffies. 🙂

16 thoughts on “All you need is….a lovey

  1. Who are we to question what gives children (or adults, for that matter) some comfort, especially if it’s something as harmless as a lovey? 🙂

    I hope you’re having a blast at Disney! xoxo

    • that is sweet. my son loves his blue blankey, I’ll likely keep it forever. It was one of the items I would not leave the house without at 4am when we evacuated.

  2. I had a yellow blankie that suddenly disappeared when I was 5. Yes, you can all blame my mother for what you see before you today. Kerry, You’re a great mom, and Lovey was a character on Gilligans Island.

  3. Ha! My wife Kathy and I have little pillows that supplement our big ones–“midges,” we call them. We do cuddle them. Kathy’s has been all over the world with her. John

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