Let’s try this again…

So, I got a bit off track in May and did not accomplish any of my goals. A flood has a way of throwing everything off balance. So, I am going to give my May goals a go in June.





Here is what I intend to accomplish in June:

  • Continue morning green smoothies. Fitness yoga time changed so I won’t be continuing that and I’m not sure if my treadmill works nor do I have space at my mom’s house, so if I can get a run in outside, I will. If not, the run will have to be pushed aside for a while. Home yoga/meditation is also a bit harder as there is just no space for reflection right now where we are staying and kids are waking earlier.
  • 30 day plank challengeΒ using an app called “30Days” and it has lots of challenges on there. I’ll try out the other ones in coming months.
  • Yoga 2-3 times per week
  • Complete at least one new chapter of my novel. I have only been writing flood posts and have neglected my novel. Now that life is starting to get somewhat sorted out, I hope to feel the space to dive back into my fiction writing.
I've always loved this

I’ve always loved this

What are your goals?

I am linking up with Valerie of Atlantamomofthree to stay motivated with others taking on challenges!


23 thoughts on “Let’s try this again…

  1. No quiet place for meditation. Ugh! Irk! I’ll try to send some good, quiet karma your way. Peace, John

  2. I’m in the same boat as far as workouts go…I plan (hmmn) on still doing the interval workouts a la casa… I will sneak away for 12 minutes. no one will miss me too bad… they might wonder why the heck my face is as red as a tomato πŸ™‚

  3. I think if you achieve any of these with all the stuff you have going on then you are quite simply amazing. I am so impressed by your commitment. Btw I downloaded the 30 days app after you mentioned it in your May post. It is great. I was successfully working on two of those challenges until I fell off the wagon last Tuesday. Boo. Aiming to get back into things this weekend…

  4. I’m so far behind in my blogging schedule. It will be at least Monday or Tuesday before I get my May challenges recap done and then at least a day or two after before I put my June goals out there. This whole grand canyon trek threw everything off kilter. πŸ™‚

    p.s. I still have no fancy linky button for link ups – but you know I consider you part of the Bad-Ass program. πŸ™‚

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  7. I’m glad to hear that things have quieted down enough for you to focus on goals unrelated to the flood. I imagine that feels pretty good.

    I need to have a health/fitness goal, but that is definitely something that gets put on the backburner in my life. You would think all the running after my children would do the trick. It does not.

    What’s up with the 30 Days app?

    • Well it would feel good if I was actually doing them. Ha! Best laid plans…
      I think in might’ve been expecting too much too soon. Look up 30 days on your apps, it’s a good one

      • It’s OK to not be working toward goals sometimes πŸ™‚ With how crazy my life has become I have learned that just dealing with the task (read: crisis) at hand is perfectly acceptable. I have to remind myself that a lot. And cry. And pray. The slower times come and so does the goal-work. I wish I was nearer so I could be a physical presence.

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