State of Limbo

Days wrought with indecision,

Paralyzed by which path to take.

Will this way soothe my soul

Or create a bigger wake?

It hurts to leave what was mine,

it was not my choice to make.


One day this choice shines with hope,

Fresh with potential just begun.

Excitement builds and comfort takes shape

Until flaws are revealed by the setting of the sun,

Each new thought, each new plan is an ever-changing flow,

Wrestling with thoughts and struggling with exhaustion until it is all done.


This state of imbalance is raw with the unknown,

Dreams collide from every angle.

Every moment has something to hold and always something to lose,

Often like an elusive carrot that will always dangle.

Yet it will all come to conclusion, the light shines bright ahead.

The mess of life binds us up but I know it will untangle.


14 thoughts on “State of Limbo

  1. What to do? Take good old anxiety and just plain good excitement and turn both into poetry! You did it, sister. Please know I continue to think of you and yours. Peace, John

  2. You have a bold heart. You are courageously soft… and this malleability is what will see you through. This piece is lovely. Thank you for sharing it.

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