Time to Regroup

Hello my lovely WordPress friends,  I just posted this on my Facebook page and wanted to let you know.

I am going on a blogging hiatus. It has been a hard decision because I love this community. It has been so fun and so therapeutic but all I write about lately is the flood and how I’m dealing and don’t have much else to write about other than daily craziness of dealing with post flood!

So, I will spare you all the boredom of those posts and take a break for a while until I am fresh again. I need to regroup and focus on some other priorities anyway.

I’m sure I’ll be back, probably in the fall sometime when some new things are happening that I am looking forward to.

Much love.xo

16 thoughts on “Time to Regroup

  1. I’m sure you’ll have tons to keep you busy with the new house, etc. Focus on all the priority stuff and make lots of magic and memories. (All great writing fodder, right? :-))

    Looking forward to staying in touch on FB.

    • yes, definitely. I have put off the book I’m writing because if there is a minute to write, I always feel i should write a post or two and that is silly. So, I am going to focus on writing the book and reading all the new materials for my yoga teacher training in the fall. Those are the areas I want to put my energy now. I’m happy we can stay in tough…curious how things go with your house down size and everything. xo

      • We’re into phase 1: remodel both upstairs bathrooms. For us to list for the magic number, a facelift is required on those two spaces. We just demolished the walls surrounding the tub in the main bath today. That was quite the workout. We’ll drywall tomorrow and do the tiling on Wednesday. Just ordered the new vanity/counter – we should have those in by the end of the week.

        The master bath will be a much bigger job; hopefully start that by mid next week. After those two big things are done we just need to purge a bunch of stuff and then get someone in to paint the whole house. After that, sign should go up. Now that I’m in project execution mode, I’m feeling (slightly) less emotional about it.

        Good luck with writing and also with the study for your yoga teacher status. Very exciting!

      • That’s a lot of work! Yes, staying focused on the work aspect of selling/moving def helps with the emotions. It’s the actually moving somewhere else that is hard. This last week has been difficult now that we are in our new house. Like a major reality check

      • You’re already moved in! Wow, that was quick! I don’t envy you in this transitional time. The control freak in me has anxiety attacks when stuff isn’t in its rightful spot. Good luck and God-speed in getting settled quickly.

  2. You’re family as far as I’m concerned, Kerry! Have a great break. You and yours will be in my thoughts. John

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