Wants & Thneeds

Happy day after Thanksgiving! Last night over wine and a fire,  I encouraged my sister-in-law to start blogging because she writes well and has ideas to share. As I encouraged her, I realized how long it is has been since I have posted! I’ve been busy writing for work and for pleasure with my novel but not much here. And I miss being a part of this community. The haiku challenge last year was fun and I still share these sentiments, maybe even more so since the flood.  If you participate in Black Friday, by all means, have fun but do it for fun and not lose sight of that. I hear people get pretty crazy out there!

Pumpkins yield to lights

Shining bright on wants and thneeds,

Share gifts of presence.

The haiku challenge was fun and I enjoyed being less wordy. I am preparing for Christmas now that Thanksgiving has passed. This year I am working on simplifying by not doing things that don’t bring joy…things that I have done every year but now feel like a chore. Also, after clearing out kid’s toys, I really am going to work on restraint and not just buy a bunch of crap they don’t need.

Nor will I be shopping today….nobody needs a thneed!

I want to simply enjoy the season without adding a million to-dos. I choose to focus on presence this holiday season.

6 thoughts on “Wants & Thneeds

  1. Yes! I want to enjoy the season too. My wish list for this year has to do with time spent with those I love doing things we love – not getting more stuff to clutter our lives.

  2. We start Christmas shopping next week but gifts to the kids will be stuff they really need like new shoes and clothes. Maybe 1 toy for each from me and my husband and 1 toy for each from Santa but that’s about it.

  3. I hear you on the not doing things that don’t bring joy. It’s a mantra I’ve been trying to live by this part year or so. Even the whole gift-giving thing can become such a chore. I feel like I want to pull my hair out when I try to come up with things to buy for my parents, my in-laws, etc. I love the idea of gift-giving, but – in practice – it can become so frustrating! Especially when buying for individuals who pretty much have everything they need, and tend to not use new stuff you give them. (“I don’t need nice clothes. I just sit at home all day.”) GAH!!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! I did shop, and had a blast with my sister and mom, and managed to get some great deals that will allow me to fill the wishes of the kids in the family – and not go overboard – I have been working at being very present in my gift purchasing this year!

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