You didn’t realize I was there or that I was watching. I kept silent and still. Never a reaction; never cried out at the pain. But I quietly watched, always. So much struggle, so much heartache and confusion. If I could just get you to see me, I would help but you didn’t remember. You didn’t remember our joy of connection. We’ve had it so many times. It is unbreakable.
Occasionally I would whisper to you when you needed guidance but so much was going on that you didn’t hear me. So I sat quietly in the background always watching and waiting. At times, your life was so loud and chaotic; there was so much contradiction and fear. Sometimes you would take away the pain doing things you thought would make you happy. And in the moment, you would seem happy but there was still so much chatter going on in and around you. Deep inside, you were hurting. I knew if you would just notice me, I could be there for you. But I’m not intrusive, I don’t like to force things.
Deep down, you knew me. Deep down, you knew I was waiting but for some reason you tried to ignore me. I know life can be hard and the busy-ness can sometimes soothe and numb the feeling of disconnect. Still, I waited and watched and always, always loved you. You are so beautiful, so very beautiful.
There are moments when it is all clear and these moments are so blissful. In these moments, you know. In these moments, you are calm and still and you remember. In these moments, you trust.
But then all those fears and doubts and worries creep back in and our moment ends.
But it is not gone, for I am you. I am here to help you and guide you. This life is meant for love and your experience creates so much challenge to survive that you forget this. We knew this from the beginning…we planned it this way. It is all exactly as we meant for it to be.
Always know that I am here with you, I am here for you, I am your deepest Self. I am you in your truest expression. There will never be a separation, and we will do this again and again until one day it will all be clear and we can live in forever bliss. Just keep remembering…I am Sakshi.

Sakshi in Sanskrit means “the Witness” or “the Seer” or “the Observer”…the One or the Supreme Being observing the activities of the ego without attachment.

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