Ascended Masters

I recently attended a women’s retreat and since then have begun a new daily ritual. At this retreat, a woman I deeply respect and love, a beautiful energy healer and intuit, taught me how to use oracle cards. I have had a few Tarot card readings in the past and found the readings to be very accurate and interesting. But I did not know the difference between them and oracle cards. She taught me how to clear the energy from the cards from their last use by a gentle tap on the deck. I shuffle them and split the deck then fan them out in front of me. From here, I close my eyes, sit quietly and center myself allowing tension to melt away from my body and thoughts to slow down using my breath as a guide. When I feel I am in a clear space, I set my intention for my reading. By centering, I open up space inside for my soul, my guides and angels to speak to me through the cards.IMG_4129
At this point, you dear reader, may (or may not…who knows) be saying, “whoa whoa whoa…who is the crazy lady trying to be a conduit for angels?!?” Sometimes I look at myself, my life and my practices and chuckle at how things have changed over the years. I have always been open-minded but also used to keep myself in a tight box. I am very thankful for the people who have shown up in my life to offer their guidance through healing words and teachings showing me how to invite the box to be more flexible.
What I have realized in some of these “woo woo” practices, that my friend and I respectfully and laughingly call them, is that it does not matter so much what you do as long as are not dependent on your practices but use them rather as a tool 2. you maintain your own power in you life 3. you keep your practices filled with Love and Light. I have found that I fill my days and weeks with as many healing practices as I can to more deeply know myself and to connect more fully to the Divine. Through yoga, meditation, therapy, church, energy clearings and now oracle cards, I feel that I am better able to tap into my intuition than ever before.
So back to the cards…after I feel I am clear with my intention, I open my eyes and I often start by pulling just one card. This is my “what do I need to be aware of today?” card. Sometimes I am asking about a specific situation and other times I am a bit more vague as in, “Speak to me guides, what am I missing?” I love this single card. The funny thing is, I often pick the same card day after day. Sometimes I love this aspect of the cards. They are like a parent repeating themselves lovingly to their child who does not seem to hear or understand. Other times, I want to say, “Not this one again! I get it! Give me something else!” like the same child throwing a small tantrum. Clearly, I don’t actually “get it.” The other way I use the cards is “Past, Present, Future.” With my left hand, I pull my past card, with my right hand, I pull my future card and with either hand, I pull my present card. The cards come with an accompanied book that tells me what each one means and the insights to be gained. If nothing else, they offer me a chance to pause and reflect on my question, problem or situation I am dealing with to think on new or different ways to look at it. Or, it is possible, considering the fact that I continually pick the same cards within a week’s time, that there is a bigger message that I am meant to hear. Now, whether or not I heed the advice is different although the action is really the most important part of the process. Why listen to your intuition and your great Spirit guides just to ignore the insight?

I pull the “Meditate” card about 8 out of 10 times I read my cards. And while I do sit quietly in meditation while teaching yoga, I have not devoted the time to meditate on my own lately. I am guilty of not taking this advice. I also have pulled the “Write” card about as often as “Meditate” and I am working hard to get the juices flowing again so that writing becomes natural and fluid like it once was. Other cards I pull regularly are “Let Go”, “Peace Offering” and “See the Others Point of View.” Thank you Ascended Masters, I am trying my best.
These reminders are a daily practice of awareness that can be exhausting sometimes. But then I wonder, “what is the alternative?” For me, there is no alternative. We either strive to better ourselves and connect more deeply to the Source or our life has been a waste…just another life in a string of lives lived. There are many lessons to be learned in this lifetime and each one we have lived before and will live in the future. We specifically chose to learn in this body, in this place, with these people. But, we have to see the bigger picture and how it all connects to be able to appreciate the gifts of joy and also difficulty. While I do not enjoy the difficulties, I work hard to see them as opportunities for growth and that if I can do the work, there will be reward. Whether or not the rewards are in this lifetime or not, I do not know. Nonetheless, the work is being done. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says to Arjuna,

“On this path no effort is wasted, no gain is ever reversed;

even a little of this practice will shelter you from great sorrow.”

In an honest way, without just doing the spiritual “stuff” and not reaping the benefits, I put forth effort. Whether or not I learn all the lessons I was meant to learn, I am ever grateful for my little bag of tricks I hold close to my heart. All of the paths lead to the same place and I strive to create as many pathways as are available to me and that I am open to seeing to reach that deep well of bright Light shining everlasting filled with Love. What the best part about the whole thing is that I do not have to go very far as it is inside of me and also everyone else. These pathways are open when we clear away everything that blocks us from moving forward. For me, these cards remind me of what I need to see. And for that, I am happy to be the crazy lady who is a conduit for angels.

3 thoughts on “Ascended Masters

  1. I like the sound of these cards! I have dabbled in tarot and I-Ching over the years. I haven’t done either for a long time. I like the sound of this as it isn’t too specific necessarily but can be used for day to day life. I love the repeating messages 🙂 Just the sort of reminder I need! Ha!

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