Thailand: Day 1 of travel

We are officially on vacation! This trip has been 7 months in the making and for a while it just seemed something we talked about but would never actually happen. 

We are headed to Thailand! My mother in law is Thai and she has wanted me and kids to see where she is from and meet her family for years. Now that the kids are old enough, I feel comfortable handling the long travel with them.

I’ve spent the last month making lists of everything we could possibly need, adding to it, deleting from it,  shopping for things, researching, getting shots, etc. and of course I still managed to forget two small things. 

Packing for myself and 2 kids is mentally exhausting. It became almost a game to challenge myself to remember anything and everything. So, forgetting two things helps keep me humble. 🙂 We have enough clothes, sunscreen, bug spray, medicines, books, small toys, iPads, converters, international phone plans, snacks, hats, shoes, bathing suits, selfie stick, melatonin, hand sanitizer and the kitchen sink to boot. 

Now we sit on an airplane at the Pensacola Airport in the pouring rain as Tropical Storm Cindy makes her way to the Gulf Coast. Kids are so excited that they may bust but we are ready. And I am so excited too! 

Now that the “work” of the trip is done, I am ready to explore the world! And we saw a friend too…we are off to a good start.

8 thoughts on “Thailand: Day 1 of travel

  1. what were the two things you forgot? Have so much fun!!!! What an amazing trip! I am glad you are blogging again, even if it’s just for this. It’s like hanging out with KERRY!!!

  2. Packing for 3 is stressful! But it will all be worth it. Thailand is beautiful and the different cultural experience will be wonderful for the kids at this age. They are looking so grown up btw! I can’t believe it. Not babies anymore 😃 Safe travels. Hope you all have the most wonderful time x

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