Thailand: Layover in Frankfurt, Germany

Our 8 hour flight from Atlanta to Frankfurt went smoothly. I finally got a chance to watch a movie I had been wanting to see, “Savings Mr. Banks”…it was awesome and i of course cried like a baby. Ryder slept for about 3 hours and Rigby struggled to get comfortable in her cramped little spot (shocking) all night but then couldn’t keep her eyes open right as we were landing. 

I got a few little catnaps but none of that made any real difference. We were all exhausted when we arrived. Our bodies told us we should still be sleeping soundly in our beds at midnight home time but our minds saw the bright 6am Germany sun and so we basically looked and felt like zombies. We ate again because strangely the sun also makes you think you must be hungry for breakfast even though we ate dinner only a few hours earlier. Or maybe when you’re tired you just feel eating with soothe it all. Either way, all was smooth. We arrived at our hotel and waited to check in while the kids got a second wind and it was dangerously close to major silly town which leads directly to naughty town. Thankfully our room was ready early and we all hit the beds. Mom and Dad enforced naps and everyone slept soundly for a few hours….then dinner and back to bed at 8pm.

Ryder and I have been awake since 4:30am hanging out. Today we leave for Bangkok at 2:30pm on a 10 hour flight. We will arrive there at 6am….6pm home time. 

I am so excited to see Thailand! I wish we had had some time to explore Germany but will have to save that for another trip.

I forgot to mention on Day 1 that the USA mens rugby team was in line with us at international security. Pretty cool…

Until the next destination…

5 thoughts on “Thailand: Layover in Frankfurt, Germany

  1. Had no idea the US even had a Rugby team! Ha! Sounds like a pretty smooth trip so far. Love that setup of the hotel room in Germany with the kids beds. Looks awesome! Safe travels for the final leg of your journey.

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