Thailand: Bangkok Part 2

I had a lovely morning to myself and saw the sunrise over the skyline.

When you start your day at 4am, it’s amazing how long a morning can be. 

We all headed down to breakfast and then kids swam before our ride to The Grand Palace.

Look at all this delicious fruit!

Here is the van roof I forgot to show earlier.

We arrived at The Grand Palace and hustled our way inside holding on tight to the kids noticing that just about everyone had on the same pants.

We thought it must be either an uber popular pattern or they forgot the dress code for the Palace; turned out it was the latter. 

We made our way in and it was beautiful. 

I love these hanging bicycles!

This is a required pose for this structure, just so you know. Everyone did it so of course we had to as well. 😂
The Grand Palace was exquisite. Of course the kids were wondering when the fun would start….aka “are there any rides or what?!” Okay, so they didn’t actually say that, but that is my interpretation of how they felt.

We left the Grand Palace and were whisked off into the streets of Bangkok in a tuk tuk. This may or may not be my favorite part from the day. 😉

And then we had a major feast of a lunch. 

We rolled out of this delicious restaurant back to our hotel to rest before eating more food a couple of hours later followed by a show called the Siam Niramit. It is a performance about the history of Thailand. It was really awesome. The set was incredible with water on stage for rivers and rainstorms, live elephants, goats and chickens. 

No pictures allowed in the show but afterward you can interact with the performers

Everyone was worn out after the show so we headed back and crashed. Jet lag is easing up but still pretty rough. 

Today we head to Nakhon Sawan to visit Pon’s family. On the way, we will stop in Ayutthia. It was the ancient capital of Siam and an important trading port. We will visit archeological ruins and possibly play with elephants. 

Bangkok has been awesome, so much to see and do here. I’m looking forward to getting out of the city and going deeper into the country. 

Sawasdee Ka 🙏🏻

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