Thailand: Ayutthaya, Lopburi & Nakhon Sawan

Yesterday was a full day that ended with a drive in the rain to Nakhon Sawan. We arrived at our hotel at 8pm.

Breakfast in Bangkok before leaving….

We left Bangkok and drove to Ayutthaya. It was the capital Kingdom of Siam from 1350-1767. The Palace, Buddhist temples, monasteries and statue ruins of that kingdom remain and are part of an archeological site now.

Beautiful orchids winding up a tree at the elephant farm in Ayutthaya.

Riding elephants…

The drivers nap

The ruins…

Lunch in Ayutthaya…

The further into the country you get, the hotter the spice it seems. My sinuses are nice and clear. 😆

From Ayutthaya we drove to Lopbhuri to visit Pon’s niece and her daughter at their home. I really enjoyed her niece, Nay and her 21 year old daughter, Kent, and seeing how Thais live. Kent and I connected via all the social media 🙂 She spoke some English and they were both the sweetest women.

From Lopbhuri, we drove to Nakhon Sawan  and went to bed after a full day. Today we will visit more of Pon’s family in their homes and find some other adventures…and as always, eat feasts of delicious food.

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