Thailand: Nakhon Sawan Part 1

We spent the day visiting Pon’s family where they live about an hour outside of Nakhon Sawan. Nakhon Sawan is a pretty big city and her family lives in a smaller country village called Kaigala (not sure if I spelled that right).

I haven’t seen or tried Durian fruit but there are signs prohibiting it due to its intensely stinky smell.

We saw many rice fields on the drive…

Pon’s sister lives in a house with two houses next to hers. Her brother passed last year and lived in one and her son’s wives and children live in another. The whole land is owned by Nilsonthi family and must stay in the family. 

They have cows, chickens and fields of sugar cane.

Us with Pon’s sisters…Juana in the green and Juan to the right of Ryder. Juan lives here, Juana lives about 4 hours away.

Pon’s parents

Inside of Juan’s home…sisters talking and laughing

Pon is her American given name. Her Thai given name is Thawai but her family calls her Ajuk. 

She requested these sweet coconut rice treats.

They were very tasty. And fresh coconut water…

Thai living is quite different from American living. They have very little but are very happy people. Pon said they don’t take life so seriously, they are  light hearted. 

This is a very nice home. Apparently, Pons late mother did not like this home because she had been raised in the jungle in probably more of a hut style home and this felt awkward to her.

We all spent time on the front patio chatting and eating fresh mango. The kids played together. Juan shared some pictures she had….one of Tim at their mothers funeral about 15 years ago.

Can you find Tim?? ๐Ÿ™‚

Then we said goodbye to the Nilsonthi home and stopped by Pon’s aunts home. 

In front of the homes

Across the rode….that little building is a store/bar

Pon was raised by her aunt most of the time. She was one of eight children and her aunt had none, so it just made sense. Her aunt also adopted a couple of children. This is the home Pon grew up in but the bottom was added only recently. It was on stilts before.

Her aunt is so sweet and funny. She hugged and laughed a lot. She told Pon as she pointed to Rigby, “she is just so cute…like me!”

Cousin Juan Lup “Jom”

We all loaded up and headed to lunch on the river. Juan and Juana joined us.

Next, we took a river boat ride.

We drove the sisters back home and made our way back to the hotel to wash up for dinner.

Then it was time for bed to get rest for another day. I enjoyed so much getting to meet Pons family and see how Thais live. The kids enjoyed knowing that they were meeting their blood relatives. The distance is so great between our countries but people are just people. When you are together, you may not speak the same language but we are all really so similar and connected.

I’ve learned how to say more than just the greeting Sawasdee Ka, I can also say “thank you”, “I don’t speak Thai”, and “yes” ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve noticed that Thai people are impressively patriotic and committed. They are very spiritual and every home has an altar in the yard and a portrait of the king in their house. 

Today we will spend time in the city shopping and exploring. Tomorrow we drove to Hua Hin where we will stay until we leave.

Sawasdee Ka ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

3 thoughts on “Thailand: Nakhon Sawan Part 1

  1. Wow! Worlds apart. It’s so beautiful. She must miss them a lot. So great your kids get to see where their grandmother is fromz the fish looks good!

  2. Awesome! Would have been so nice to check out some real living and awesome for Tim and the kids to see relatives as you say. I think that whole region of SE Asia is just amazing in that most of the people have very little bit they really don’t let that bother them. They are so much happier with life in general. It is a lesson for us all ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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