Thailand: Nakhon Sawan Part 2

We spent the morning visiting Wat (“Temple”) Kiriwong Nakhon Sawan, a Thai Buddhist Temple. It is beautiful and peaceful and you could feel the energy of all the buddhas covered in gold.

We placed little squares of gold on the Buddhas to offer and also receive energy to the part of your own body

Offering a candle and a little bouquet then burning incense

The views from the top level of the temple were incredible…

Thai police stopped to chat and take our photo with them. 

We tried to go shopping but it didn’t really work out. Nakhon Sawan is not so much a tourist destination. We only found markets with American clothes. We love the Thai pants, but Thais don’t really wear the Thai pants. 😊

So, we went to eat…

Bam, Juana’s granddaughter and Jin’s son joined us

When we got back to the hotel it was still early and the kids seemed bored since the pool was not in working order. Of all places to go, we went to the mall. Haha! It is called The Walk. We got some ice cream and kids each got a little toy. We came back and rested a bit before dinner and bedtime.

Today we drive to Hua Hin. We will stay there for the remainder of the trip. This will be the more relaxing part of the vacation. The last few days have been awesome but also pretty fast paced so we are looking forward to Hua Hin to kick back and relax.

Sawasdee Ka 🙏🏻🇹🇭

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