Thailand: Hua Hin 

We spent most of yesterday driving to Hua Hin. We arrived about 4pm and relaxed a bit before dinner. Pon’s family including Juan, Juana, Nay, Kent, Jom and a few others rented a bungalow nearby for two nights. They prepared dinner for us and will do the same tonight. It was delicious….the best Thai food I’ve had yet. Kids had a blast playing with their cousins. It was a special time. Kim’s (the little boy Ryder’s age) mom and I spoke to eachother via Google translate and enjoyed watching them play well.

On the way to Hua Hin, we stopped for gas and road trip snacks. Lays potatoe chips are interesting here! Check out the flavors…

Caravaning with family…

Hua Hin resort…

A home cooked feast…

Ryder playing with Kim…fidget spinners were the connector 🙂

Rigby loves spending time with Kent, Nay’s daughter. Of course, makeup was involved.

And then all the ladies got a makeover 😆

And we all just hung out. It was a great night!

One thought on “Thailand: Hua Hin 

  1. Family day is the day everyone really remembers! I love how the kids are hanging out with the cousins and everyone seems relaxed. Thailand is awesome, but it would be awesome to be there with family. You guys are lucky to have that kind of experience!
    I also want to eat those weird chips in the middle, the Dinner flavored one.

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